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2018Modelling FRP-to-substrate joints using the bilinear bond-slip rule with allowance for friction - Full-range analytical solutions for long and short bonded lengthsVaculik, J.; Sturm, A.; Visintin, P.; Griffith, M.
2017Probabilistic analysis of unreinforced brick masonry walls subjected to horizontal bendingVaculik, J.; Griffith, M.
2010Probabilistic approach for calculating the ultimate strength of unreinforced masonry in horizontal bendingVaculik, J.; Griffith, M.; International Masonry Conference (8th : 2010 : Dresden, Germany)
2010Collapse load predictions for masonry walls in bendingVaculik, J.; Griffith, M.; Magenes, G.; International Masonry Conference (8th : 2010 : Dresden, Germany)
2018State-of-the-art review and future research directions for FRP-to-masonry bond research: Test methods and techniques for extraction of bond-slip behaviourVaculik, J.; Visintin, P.; Burton, N.; Griffith, M.; Seracino, R.
2014Dry stone masonry walls in bending - Part II: analysisVaculik, J.; Griffith, M.; Magenes, G.
2016Manufacturing ultra-high performance concrete utilising conventional materials and production methodsSobuz, H.; Visintin, P.; Mohamed Ali, M.; Singh, M.; Griffith, M.; Sheikh, A.
2013In-plane shear improvement of unreinforced masonry wall panels using NSM CFRP stripsDizhur, D.; Griffith, M.; Ingham, J.
2012The reinforcement contribution to the cyclic behaviour of reinforced concrete beam hingesVisintin, P.; Oehlers, D.; Wu, C.; Griffith, M.
2015An efficient finite element model for buckling analysis of grid stiffened laminated composite platesHuang, L.; Sheikh, A.; Ng, C.; Griffith, M.