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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015The SA Climate Ready ProjectSiebentritt, M.; Green, G.; Charles, S.; Fu, G.; Westra, S.; Thyer, M.A.; van der Linden, L.
2010Continuous rainfall simulation: estimation at ungauged locationsWestra, S.; Mehrotra, R.; Srikanthan, R.; Sharma, A.; International Workshop Advances in Statistical Hydrology (2010 : Taormina, Italy)
2015Evapotranspiration: Modelling Actual, Potential and Reference Crop EvapotranspirationWestra, S.; Guo, D.
2012Australian rainfall and runoff revision projects: project 18: interaction of coastal processes and severe weather eventsWestra, S.; Department of Climate Change
2010Australian rainfall and runoff revision project 4: continuous rainfall sequences at a point, stage 1 reportWestra, S.; Sharma, A.; Department of Climate Change
2011An assessment of GCM skill in simulating persistence across multiple time scalesJohnson, F.; Westra, S.; Sharma, A.; Pitman, A.
2014Future changes to the intensity and frequency of short-duration extreme rainfallWestra, S.; Fowler, H.; Evans, J.; Alexander, L.; Berg, P.; Johnson, F.; Kendon, E.; Lenderink, G.; Roberts, N.
2014Changes to the temporal distribution of daily precipitationRajah, K.; O'Leary, T.; Turner, A.; Petrakis, G.; Leonard, M.; Westra, S.
2010Observed relationships between extreme sub-daily precipitation, surface temperature, and relative humidityJones, R.; Westra, S.; Sharma, A.
2013Global increasing trends in annual maximum daily precipitationWestra, S.; Alexander, L.; Zwiers, F.