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2011Scattering of the fundamental anti-symmetric Lamb wave at delaminations in composite laminatesNg, C.; Veidt, M.
2011Adapting to climate change: revising our approach to estimating future floods, Discussion Paper for the Australian Climate Change Adaptation Research Network for Settlements and Infrastructure.Westra, Seth Pieter
2011Implications of climate change on flood estimation: discussion paper for the Australian Rainfall and Runoff Climate Change Workshop No. 2Westra, Seth Pieter
2011Compaction bands due to grain crushing in porous rocks: a theoretical approach based on breakage mechanicsDas, A.; Nguyen, G.; Einav, I.
2011High rate compressive behavior of aluminum foams by modified SHPB techniqueXu, S.; Shen, J.; Beynon, J.; Ruan, D.; Lu, G.; Australian Conference on the Mechanics of Structures and Materials (2010 : Melbourne)
2011Split Hopkinson pressure bar testing of aluminium alloy 6060 T5Kariem, M.; Beynon, J.; Ruan, D.; Australian Conference on the Mechanics of Structures and Materials (2010 : Melbourne)
2011Application of AquaCrop model in deficit irrigation management of Winter wheat in arid regionSalemi, Hamidreza; Soom, Mohd Amin Mohd; Lee, Teang Shui; Mousavi, Sayed Farhad; Ganji, Arman; Yusoff, Mohd Kamil
2011Physically-based modeling of topographic effects on spatial evapotranspiration and soil moisture patterns in complex terrainLiu, M.; Bardossy, A.; Li, J.; Jiang, Y.
2011Influence of stacking sequence on scattering characteristics of the fundamental anti-symmetric Lamb wave at through holes in composite laminatesVeidt, M.; Ng, C.
2011Alternative underground ore transport systems for the Jaguar Base metal depositDarcey, W.; Chanda, E.; Kuruppu, M.; AusIMM Underground Operators' Conference (11th : 2011 : Canberra, A.C.T.)