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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A performance comparison of differential evolution and genetic algorithm variants applied to water distribution system optimizationZheng, F.; Simpson, A.; Zecchin, A.; World Environmental and Water Resources Congress (2012 : Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)
2012The Darcy-Weisbach Jacobian and avoiding zero flow failures in the global gradient algorithm for the water network equationsElhay, S.; Simpson, A.; World Environmental and Water Resources Congress (2012 : Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA)
2012A performance comparison between genetic algorithms and differential evolution variants for water network optimisationZheng, F.; Zecchin, A.; Simpson, A.; Keall, D.; 14th Water Distribution Systems Analysis Conference (WDSA 2012) (24 Sep 2012 - 27 Sep 2012 : Adelaide, Australia)
2012Improved understanding of the searching behavior of ant colony optimization algorithms applied to the water distribution design problemZecchin, A.; Simpson, A.; Maier, H.; Marchi, A.; Nixon, J.
2012Steady-state behavior of large water distribution systems: Algebraic multigrid method for the fast solution of the linear stepZecchin, A.; Thum, P.; Simpson, A.; Tischendorf, C.
2012Distributed deterioration detection in single pipes using the impulse response functionGong, J.; Lambert, M.; Simpson, A.; Zecchin, A.; Water Distribution Systems Analysis Conference (14th : 2012 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2012Inverse laplace transform for transient-state fluid line network simulationZecchin, A.; Lambert, M.; Simpson, A.
2012Sensitivity of optimal tradeoffs between cost and greenhouse gas emissions for water distribution systems to electricity tariff and generationWu, W.; Simpson, A.; Maier, H.
2012Assessing variable speed pump efficiency in water distribution systemsMarchi, A.; Simpson, A.; Ertugrul, N.
2012An improved framework for the modelling and optimisation of greenhouse gas emissions associated with water distribution systemsStokes, C.; Simpson, A.; Maier, H.; International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software (6th : 2012 : Leipzig, Germany)