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2012Direct expressions for linearization of shear strength envelopes given by the Generalized Hoek-Brown criterion using genetic programmingShen, J.; Karakus, M.; Xu, C.
2012Permeability correction factor for fractures with permeable wallsMohais, R.; Xu, C.; Dowd, P.; Hand, M.
2012A comparative study for empirical equations in estimating deformation modulus of rock massesShen, J.; Karakus, M.; Xu, C.
2012Fluid flow through branched channels in a fracture plane in an enhanced geothermal systemMohais, R.; Xu, C.; Dowd, P.; ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition (2012 : Houston, Texas, U.S.A.)
2012Connectivity analysis of the Habanero enhanced geothermal systemXu, C.; Dowd, P.; Mohais, R.; Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering (37th : 2012 : Stanford, California)
2012Feasibility study of a deep geological repository for high level radioactive waste (HLW) in Central AustraliaMelkoumian, N.; Xu, C.; Karakus, M.; Cox, P.; I'Anson, R.; Stojakovich, J.; Ciancio, O.; International Symposium on Environmental Issues and Waste Management in Energy and Mineral Production (13th : 2012 : New Delhi, India)
2012The edge effect in geostatistical simulationsXu, C.; Dowd, P.; International Geostatistics Congress (9th : 2012 : Oslo)
2012Probabilistic stability assessment of rock excavationsFaint, L.; Ljubicic, L.; Thomson, S.; Veale, J.; Xu, C.; Karakus, M.; Melkoumian, N.
2012Discrete element modelling of diamond impregnated drill bit cuttingLimberger-Forte, S.; Xu, C.; Sheikh, A.
2012Equivalent Hoek-Brown shear strength for slope stability analysis in highly fractured rock massShen, J.; Karakus, M.; Xu, C.; ISRM International Symposium (2012 : Stockholm)