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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Multi-objective optimisation of mining-metallurgical systemsGolding, V.; Jafari, D.; Rajopadhyaya, B.; Sundquist, D.; Chanda, E.
2013Observed performance of residential masonry veneer construction in the 2010/2011 Canterbury earthquake sequenceDizhur, Dmytro; Moon, Lisa Margaret; Ingham, Jason Maxwell
2013On the testing of fully integrated surface-subsurface hydrological modelsSebben, M.; Werner, A.; Ligget, J.; Partington, D.; Simmons, C.
2013Experimental and numerical investigation of confined explosion in a blast chamberWu, C.; Lukaszewicz, M.; Schebella, K.; Antanovskii, L.
2013Design and fabrication of a low cost true triaxial cell for testing multiple size specimensSchwartzkopff, A.; Priest, S.; Melkoumian, N.; Egudo, J.; International Workshop on the True Triaxial Testing of Rocks (2011 : Beijing, China)
2013Prestressed concreteFoster, S.; Warner, R.; Faulkes, K.
2013Thermal and decay-resistance properties of tropical wood-plastic compositesIslam, M.; Hamdan, S.; Sobuz, M.; Rahman, R.; Ahmed, A.
2013Experimental study on strength gaining characteristics of concrete using Portland Composite CementUddin, M.; Jameel, M.; Sobuz, M.; Islam, M.; Hasan, N.
2013The effects of binder on the physical and mechanical properties of chemically treated sawdust-reinforced polypropylene compositesMohd Idrus, M.; Hamdan, S.; Islam, M.; Roslee, A.; Sobuz, M.
2013Modelling marketing professionals' information behaviour in the workplace: towards a holistic understandingDu, J.; Liu, Y.H.; Zhu, Q.; Chen, Y.