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2019Rayleigh wave propagation and scattering characteristics at debondings in fibre-reinforced polymer-retrofitted concrete structuresMohseni, H.; Ng, C.
2019A new SPH-based continuum framework with an embedded fracture process zone for modelling rock fractureWang, Y.; Bui, H.; Nguyen, G.; Ranjith, P.
2019Second harmonic generation of guided wave at crack-induced debonding in FRP-strengthened metallic platesYang, Y.; Ng, C.; Kotousov, A.
2019Assessing the effects of rock mass gradual deterioration on the long-term stability of abandoned mine workings and the mechanisms of post-mining subsidence – a case study of castle fields mineSalmi, E.F.; Karakus, M.; Majidreza, N.
2019Consistency limits and compaction characteristics of clays soils containing rubber wasteSoltani, A.; Deng, A.; Taheri, A.; Sridharan, A.
2019Salinity management in the Murray-Darling Basin: a transaction cost studyLoch, A.; Gregg, D.
2019A micromechanical investigation for the effects of pore size and its distribution on geopolymer foam concrete under uniaxial compressionNguyen, T.; Bui, H.; Ngo, T.; Nguyen, G.; Kreher, M.; Darve, F.
2019A new spectral analysis method for determining the joint roughness coefficient of rock jointsWang, C.; Wang, L.; Karakus, M.
2019A method for generating virtual soil profiles with complex, multi-layer stratigraphyCrisp, M.; Jaksa, M.; Kuo, Y.; Fenton, G.; Griffiths, D.
2019An experimental and theoretical stress-strain-damage correlation procedure for constitutive modelling of graniteBruning, T.; Karakus, M.; Nguyen, G.D.; Goodchild, D.