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Type: Conference paper
Title: Germination of Veronica parnkalliana seeds in response to seasonal and fire cues
Author: Guerin, J.
Thorpe, M.
Duval, D.
Jusaitis, M.
Ainsley, P.
Citation: Proceedings of the 5th Global Botanic Gardens Congress, 2013 / pp.1-6
Publisher: BGCI
Issue Date: 2013
Conference Name: 5th Global Botanic Gardens Congress (20 Oct 2013 - 25 Oct 2013 : Dunedin, New Zealand)
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Jenny Guerin, Michael Thorpe, Dan Duval, Manfred Jusaitis and Phil Ainsley
Abstract: Veronica parnkalliana (Scrophulariaceae) is an endangered herb endemic to South Australia, with only six herbarium specimens recorded since its first collection in 1909. A targeted search of a fire scar in the Flinders Ranges during the spring of 2008 found prolific regeneration of the plant after a prescribed burn during the previous autumn. This post-fire discovery prompted an investigation into the seed germination requirements for this species. In vitro laboratory studies showed that germination was stimulated by gibberellic acid (GA3), heat or smoked water. A seed burial experiment suggested that an annual cycle of dormancy was present, as germination of seeds that were exhumed after spring and summer was stimulated by a combination of heat and smoked water, but this did not occur after autumn or winter. Seeds buried at different depths before a fire were later monitored for seedling emergence in situ, and germination of exhumed seeds was also assessed. The depth of seed burial was a critical factor affecting germination. Results indicated that V. parnkalliana is a fire-ephemeral species with morphophysiological dormancy. These findings will provide valuable direction for future conservation planning for this species.
Keywords: Burial; fire; seed germination; Veronica parnkalliana
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RMID: 0030028472
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