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Type: Journal article
Title: A search for point sources of EeV photons
Author: Aab, A.
Abreu, P.
Aglietta, M.
Ahlers, M.
Ahn, E.
Al Samarai, I.
Albuquerque, I.
Allekotte, I.
Allen, J.
Allison, P.
Almela, A.
Castillo, J.
Alvarez-Muñiz, J.
Batista, R.
Ambrosio, M.
Aminaei, A.
Anchordoqui, L.
Andringa, S.
Aramo, C.
Arqueros, F.
et al.
Citation: Astrophysical Journal, 2014; 789(2):160-1-160-12
Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing
Issue Date: 2014
ISSN: 0004-637X
Statement of
A. Aab ... K. B. Barber ... J. A. Bellido ... R. W. Clay ... M. J. Cooper ... B. R. Dawson ... T. D. Grubb ... T. A. Harrison ... G. C. Hill ... M. Malacari ... S. J. Saffi ... J. Sorokin ... et al. (The Pierre Auger Collaboration)
Abstract: Measurements of air showers made using the hybrid technique developed with the fluorescence and surface detectors of the Pierre Auger Observatory allow a sensitive search for point sources of EeV photons anywhere in the exposed sky. A multivariate analysis reduces the background of hadronic cosmic rays. The search is sensitive to a declination band from –85° to +20°, in an energy range from 1017.3 eV to 1018.5 eV. No photon point source has been detected. An upper limit on the photon flux has been derived for every direction. The mean value of the energy flux limit that results from this, assuming a photon spectral index of –2, is 0.06 eV cm–2 s–1, and no celestial direction exceeds 0.25 eV cm–2 s–1. These upper limits constrain scenarios in which EeV cosmic ray protons are emitted by non-transient sources in the Galaxy.
Keywords: astroparticle physics; cosmic rays; methods: data analysis
Description: A. Aab, K. B. Barber, J. A. Bellido, R. W. Clay, M. J. Cooper, B. R. Dawson, T. D. Grubb, T. A. Harrison, G. C. Hill, M. Malacari, S. J. Saffi and J. Sorokin are members of The Pierre Auger Collaboration
Rights: © 2014. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved.
RMID: 0030009097
DOI: 10.1088/0004-637X/789/2/160
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