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Type: Patent
Title: Device to reduce noise transmission through the gap between escalator steps
Author: Howard, C.
Stuffel, A.
Hardin, L.
Alves, G.
Issue Date: 2013
Assignee: Otis Elevator Company
Statement of
Carl Q. Howard, Andreas Stuffel, Larry W. Hardin, Goldino S. Alves
Abstract: A device for reducing noise levels in passenger conveyor systems at least partially obstructs spacing at the interface between two steps to allow for relative movement between one step and the next. A sound transmission reducing member at least partially obstructs a sound pathway that includes the spacing to reduce the transmission of noise through the spacing. The sound transmission reducing member in one example is a barrier that partially blocks the interface, while in another; it extends completely across the interface. Additionally, sound absorbing material may be secured to the underside of the steps in order to further reduce sound transmission toward the passengers and individuals near the conveyer.
Description: Also published as CN1918065B, EP1716064A1, EP1716064A4, EP1716064B1, US8381895, US20070170038, WO2005085118A1. Viewable at
Patent #: US8381895 B2
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