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Type: Journal article
Title: Novel nitrogen-rich porous carbon spheres as a high-performance anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Author: Li, D.
Ding, L.
Chen, H.
Wang, S.
Li, Z.
Zhu, M.
Wang, H.
Citation: Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2014; 2(39):16617-16622
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Issue Date: 2014
ISSN: 2050-7488
Statement of
Dongdong Li, Liang-Xin Ding, Hongbin Chen, Suqing Wang, Zhong Li, Min Zhu and Haihui Wang
Abstract: Carbonaceous materials with suitable structure and components are highly desirable for the development of lithium ion batteries (LIBs), since they can produce the best possible result by combining the advantages of the various structures and different components. To this end, herein, novel nitrogen-rich porous carbon spheres (N-PCS) with an appropriate pores distribution are proposed and prepared by using a template-assisted self-assembly method. The as-prepared N-PCS possess a high nitrogen content (>5%) and exhibit an interconnected sphere structure with large quantities of mesopores. As expected, the N-PCS display superior electrochemical performances, such as a high initial columbic efficiency (>60%), super cycle stability (retention of 540 mA h g⁻¹ after 100 cycles at 0.5 A g⁻¹), and good rate capability (215 mA h g⁻¹ at 3 A g⁻¹), thereby showing great promise as anode materials for the next generation of LIBs.
Rights: This journal is © The Royal Society of Chemistry 2014
RMID: 0030032599
DOI: 10.1039/c4ta03281k
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