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dc.contributor.authorBates, Daisy-
dc.description.abstractDMB‘s hand/wrist is so injured that she pays a young fettler’s wife to cook and launder for her, but ensures that no-one ever comes to her camp. She writes that the natives have all gone to Fowler’s Bay and the west coast for initiations, which ceremonies are now “mainly orgies”. The young men are not disciplined and have become thieves preying on the fettlers.-
dc.format.extent1 p.-
dc.subject.otherLesley Kilmeny Symon (1885 – 1969), Daisy M. Bates (1859 – 1951), Wynbring (S.A.), Australian Aborigines-
dc.titleLetters from Daisy Bates 1/8/41en
dc.identifier.callnumMSS 0015-
Appears in Collections:Letters from Daisy Bates 1941-1946

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