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Type: Journal article
Title: Bacteroides caecicola sp. nov. and Bacteroides gallinaceum sp. nov., isolated from the caecum of an Indonesian chicken
Author: Irisawa, T.
Saputra, S.
Kitahara, M.
Sakamoto, M.
Yulineri, T.
Dinoto, A.
Ohkuma, M.
Citation: International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, 2016; 66(3):1431-1437
Publisher: International Union of Microbiological Societies
Issue Date: 2016
ISSN: 1466-5026
Statement of
Tomohiro Irisawa, Sugiyono Saputra, Maki Kitahara, Mitsuo Sakamoto, Sulistiani, Titin Yulineri, Achmad Dinoto, Moriya Ohkuma
Abstract: Six strains of anaerobic bacteria, C13EG70<sup>T</sup>, C13EG118, C13EG186<sup>T</sup>, C13GAMG5, C13GAMG28 and C13GAMG40, were isolated from the caecum of a healthy chicken bred in Bogor, Indonesia. Phylogenetic analysis showed the isolates were separated into two groups. Group I (C13EG70<sup>T</sup> and C13EG118) showed nearly identical 16S rRNA gene sequences (99.9 % sequence similarity). Group II (C13EG186<sup>T</sup>, C13GAMG5, C13GAMG28 and C13GAMG40) showed nearly identical 16S rRNA gene sequences (>99.4 % sequence similarity). The isolates showed low 16S rRNA gene sequence similarities to recognized species of the genus <i>Bacteroides</i>. High gene sequence similarities were found between type strains (C13EG70<sup>T</sup> and C13EG186<sup>T</sup>) and <i>Bacteroides salanitronis</i> JCM 13657<sup>T</sup> (87.9, 91.5 %, respectively). Physiological, biochemical and genotypic characteristics demonstrated that these strains could be separated from the type strain of <i>B. salanitronis</i>. It is concluded that Group I and Group II represent novel species. Two novel species of the genus <i>Bacteroides</i> are proposed as <i>Bacteroides caecicola</i> sp. nov. (type strain C13EG70<sup>T</sup> = LIPI12-4-Ck732<sup>T</sup> = JSAT12-4-Ck732<sup>T</sup> = InaCC B449<sup>T</sup> = NBRC 110958<sup>T</sup>) and <i>Bacteroides gallinaceum</i> sp. nov. (type strain C13EG186<sup>T</sup> = LIPI12-4-Ck844<sup>T</sup> = JSAT12-4-Ck884<sup>T</sup> = InaCC B451<sup>T</sup> = NBRC 110963<sup>T</sup>).
Rights: © 2016 IUMS
RMID: 0030047233
DOI: 10.1099/ijsem.0.000899
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