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dc.contributor.authorGrimble, Sir Arthur-
dc.description.abstractOrigin of the constellation "scale of the karon (fish)" or Ina-n-te-karon-
dc.format.extent4 p. typescript corrected, another carbon copy not corrected 9 p. 2 copies of story in Gilbertese and English-
dc.subject.otherGilbert Islands, Kiribati, stellar myths, legends, karon fish-
dc.titlePart I, Series L, Section 5.3: Tale of Nei Maanga-ni-buka and the origin of the constellation "ina-n-te-karon"en
dc.identifier.callnumMSS 0003-
Appears in Collections:Part I, Series L, Section 5: Typescript or manuscript originals of papers on Oral traditions published in An anthology of Gilbertese tradition.

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