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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Dihadron fragmentation functions within the Nambu-Jona-Lasinio-jet modelMatevosyan, H.; Thomas, A.; Bentz, W.
2007Quark-gluon vertex dressing and meson masses beyond ladder-rainbow truncationMatevosyan, H.; Thomas, A.; Tandy, P.
2010Kaon fragmentation function from NJL-jet modelMatevosyan, H.; Thomas, A.; Bentz, W.; Achievements and New Directions in Subatomic Physics (2010 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2012Dihadron fragmentation functions from the NJL-jet model and their QCD evolutionCasey, A.; Cloet, I.; Matevosyan, H.; Thomas, A.
2012Calculating dihadron fragmentation functions in the Nambu-Jona-Lasinio-jet modelCasey, A.; Matevosyan, H.; Thomas, A.
2011Monte-Carlo approach to calculating the fragmentation functions in NJL-Jet modeMatevosyan, H.; Thomas, A.; Bentz, W.; Tropical QCD Workshop (2nd : 2010 : Cairns, Qld.)
2014Sivers effect in two-hadron electroproductionKotzinian, A.; Matevosyan, H.; Thomas, A.
2014Studies of azimuthal modulations in two hadron fragmentation of a transversely polarised quarkMatevosyan, H.; Kotzinian, A.; Thomas, A.
2014The effect of vector meson decays on dihadron fragmentation functionsMatevosyan, H.; Thomas, A.; Bentz, W.; International Nuclear Physics Conference (25th : 2013 : Firence, Italy)
2012Effects of quark spin flip on the Collins fragmentation function in a toy modelMatevosyan, H.; Thomas, A.; Bentz, W.; Horizons of Innovative Theories, Experiments, and Supercomputing in Nuclear Physics (2012 : New Orleans, Louisiana)