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2000Very high energy gamma-ray ovservations of PSR B1509-58 with the cangaroo 3.8 meter telescopeSako, T.; Matsubara, Y.; Muraki, Y.; Ramanamurthy, P.; Dazeley, S.; Edwards, P.; Gunji, S.; Hara, T.; Hara, S.; Holder, J.; Kamei, S.; Kawachi, A.; Kifune, T.; Kita, R.; Masaike, A.; Mizumoto, Y.; Mori, M.; Moriya, M.; Muraishi, H.; Naito, T.; et al.
2012Frequent somatic mutations in MAP3K5 and MAP3K9 in metastatic melanoma identified by exome sequencingStark, M.; Woods, S.; Gartside, M.; Bonazzi, V.; Dutton-Regester, K.; Aoude, L.; Chow, D.; Sereduk, C.; Niemi, N.; Tang, N.; Ellis, J.; Reid, J.; Zismann, V.; Tyagi, S.; Muzny, D.; Newsham, I.; Wu, Y.; Palmer, J.; Pollak, T.; Youngkin, D.; et al.
2011A novel recurrent mutation in MITF predisposes to familial and sporadic melanomaYokoyama, S.; Woods, S.; Boyle, G.; Aoude, L.; MacGregor, S.; Zismann, V.; Gartside, M.; Cust, A.; Haq, R.; Harland, M.; Taylor, J.; Duffy, D.; Holohan, K.; Dutton-Regester, K.; Palmer, J.; Bonazzi, V.; Stark, M.; Symmons, J.; Law, M.; Schmidt, C.; et al.
2017Getting it right when budgets are tight: Using optimal expansion pathways to prioritize responses to concentrated and mixed HIV epidemicsStuart, R.; Kerr, C.; Haghparast-Bidgoli, H.; Estill, J.; Grobicki, L.; Baranczuk, Z.; Prieto, L.; MontaƱez, V.; Reporter, I.; Gray, R.; Skordis-Worrall, J.; Keiser, O.; Cheikh, N.; Boonto, K.; Osornprasop, S.; Lavadenz, F.; Benedikt, C.; Martin-Hughes, R.; Hussain, S.; Kelly, S.; et al.
2018Augmented capacity for peripheral serotonin release in human obesityYoung, R.; Lumsden, A.; Martin, A.; Schober, G.; Pezos, N.; Thazhath, S.; Isaacs, N.; Cvijanovic, N.; Sun, E.; Wu, T.; Rayner, C.; Nguyen, N.; Fontgalland, D.; Rabbitt, P.; Hollington, P.; Sposato, L.; Due, S.; Wattchow, D.; Liou, A.; Jackson, V.; et al.
2013SIMPLE: Implementation of recommendations from international evidence-based guidelines on caesarean sections in the Netherlands. Protocol for a controlled before and after studyMelman, S.; Schoorel, E.; Dirksen, C.; Kwee, A.; Smits, L.; de Boer, F.; Jonkers, M.; Woiski, M.; Mol, B.; Doornbos, J.; Visser, H.; Huisjes, A.; Porath, M.; Delemarre, F.; Kuppens, S.; Aardenburg, R.; Van Dooren, I.; Vrouenraets, F.; Lim, F.; Kleiverda, G.; et al.
2010Well being of obstetric patients on minimal blood transfusions (WOMB trial)Prick, B.; Steegers, E.; Gerard Jansen, A.; Hop, W.; Essink-Bot, M.; Peters, N.; Uyl-de Groot, C.; Papatsonis, D.; Akerboom, B.; Metz, G.; Bremer, H.; van Loon, A.; Stigter, R.; van der Post, J.; van Alphen, M.; Porath, M.; Rijnders, R.; Spaanderman, M.; Schippers, D.; Bloemenkamp, K.; et al.
2013Induction of labour with a Foley catheter or oral misoprostol at term: The PROBAAT-II study, a multicentre randomised controlled trialTen Eikelder, M.; Neervoort, F.; Oude Rengerink, K.; Jozwiak, M.; de Leeuw, J.; de Graaf, I.; van Pampus, M.; Franssen, M.; Oudijk, M.; van der Salm, P.; Woiski, M.; Pernet, P.; Feitsma, A.; van Vliet, H.; Porath, M.; Roumen, F.; van Beek, E.; Versendaal, H.; Heres, M.; Mol, B.; et al.
2012Remifentanil patient controlled analgesia versus epidural analgesia in labour. A multicentre randomized controlled trialFreeman, L.; Bloemenkamp, K.; Franssen, M.; Papatsonis, D.; Hajenius, P.; van Huizen, M.; Bremer, H.; Van den Akker, E.; Woiski, M.; Porath, M.; van Beek, E.; Schuitemaker, N.; van der Salm, P.; Fong, B.; Radder, C.; Bax, C.; Sikkema, M.; van den Akker-van Marle, M.; van Lith, J.; Lopriore, E.; et al.
2011Preventing preterm birth with progesterone: costs and effects of screening low risk women with a singleton pregnancy for short cervical length, the Triple P studyvan Os, M.; van der Ven, J.; Kleinrouweler, C.; Pajkrt, E.; de Miranda, E.; van Wassenaer, A.; Porath, M.; Bossuyt, P.; Bloemenkamp, K.; Willekes, C.; Woiski, M.; Oudijk, M.; Bilardo, K.; Sikkema, M.; Duvekot, J.; Veersema, D.; Laudy, J.; Kuiper, P.; de Groot, C.; Mol, B.; et al.