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1988Terrestrial movements of the freshwater tortoise Chelodina longicollisStott, Philip
1990"New life in the freedom country" : young Cambodians in AdelaideStevens, Christine Audrey
1996The ontogeny of hepatic growth hormone receptor and insulin-like growth factor I gene expression in the sheep fetus during late gestation: developmental regulation by cortisolLi, J.; Owens, J.; Owens, P.; Saunders, J.; Fowden, A.; Gilmour, R.
1996Homologous Regulation of the Rat C1a Calcitonin Receptor (CTR) in Nonosteoclastic Cells is Independent of CTR Messenger Ribonucleic Acid Changes and Cyclis Adenosine 3', 5' -Monophospate-Dependent Protein Kinase ActivationFindlay, D.; Houssami, S.; Christopoulos, G.; Sexton, P.
1996Calcitonin Receptor Down-Regulation Relates to Calcitonin Resistance in Mature Mouse OsteoclastsWada, S.; Udagawa, N.; Nagata, N.; Martin, T.; Findlay, D.
1996The effect of acute hyperglycaemia on small intestinal motility in normal subjects.Russo, A.; Fraser, R.; Horowitz, M.
1995Effect of dietary N-3 fatty-acids on human monocyte (MC) tumor-necrosis-factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) and interleukin-1-beta (IL-1-beta) synthesisJames, M.; Mantzioris, E.; Caughey, G.; Cleland, L.; Gibson, R.; Experimental Biology '95 (09 Apr 1995 - 13 Apr 1995 : Atlanta, Georgia)
1966Misfit and mechanism in structure changes in crystals of univalent nitrates / Graham Frank Taylor.Taylor, Graham Frank
1994Staurolite-kyanite-amphibolites : calculated phase relations with application to amphibolites from the Harts Range, central Australia and the Zillertaler Alpen, Austria / Joanne Lee Arnold.Arnold, Jo
1961Chemistry of 1, 4, 6-triazanaphthalenesSingh, Rudra P.