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2004Grading quality of evidence and strength of recommendationsAtkins, D.; Best, D.; Briss, P.; Eccles, M.; Falck-Ytter, Y.; Flottorp, S.; Guyatt, G.; Harbour, R.; Haugh, M.; Henry, D.; Hill, S.; Jaeschke, R.; Leng, G.; Liberati, A.; Maggrini, N.; Mason, J.; Middleton, P.; Mrukowicz, J.; O'Connell, D.; Oxman, A.; et al.
2007Zinc supplementation for improving pregnancy and infant outcomeMahomed, K.; Bhutta, Z.; Middleton, P.
2010Vitamin A supplementation for postpartum womenOliveira-Menegozzo, J.; Bergamaschi, D.; Middleton, P.; East, C.
2014Crossing the line: increasing body size in a trans-Wallacean lizard radiation (Cyrtodactylus, Gekkota)Oliver, P.; Skipwith, P.; Lee, M.
2017MiR-766 induces p53 accumulation and G2/M arrest by directly targeting MDM4Wang, Q.; Selth, L.; Callen, D.
2017HIF has Biff - Crosstalk between HIF1a and the family of bHLH/PAS proteinsButton, E.; Bersten, D.; Whitelaw, M.
2014Depositional environment and lithostratigraphy of the Paleoproterozoic Mooidraai Formation, Kalahari Manganese Field, South AfricaKunzmann, M.; Gutzmer, J.; Beukes, N.; Halverson, G.
2017Diagnosis and management of irritable bowel syndrome: a guide for the generalistLinedale, E.; Andrews, J.
2015Global dynamics of an axially moving buckled beamGhayesh, M.; Amabili, M.; Farokhi, H.
2014MASCC/ISOO clinical practice guidelines for the management of mucositis secondary to cancer therapyLalla, R.; Bowen, J.; Barasch, A.; Elting, L.; Epstein, J.; Keefe, D.; McGuire, D.; Migliorati, C.; Nicolatou-Galitis, O.; Peterson, D.; Raber-Durlacher, J.; Sonis, S.; Elad, S.; The Mucositis Guidelines Leadership Group of the Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer and International Society of Oral Oncology (MASCC/ISOO)