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2001Focal atrial tachycardia arising from the tricuspid annulus: electrophysiologic and electrocardiographic characteristicsMorton, J.; Sanders, P.; Das, A.; Vohra, J.; Sparks, P.; Kalman, J.
2012Antioxidant and antiangiogenic activities of the essential oils of Myristica fragrans and Morinda citrifoliaPiaru, S.; Mahmud, R.; Abdul Majid, A.; Mahmoud Nassar, Z.
2014Correlation of antiangiogenic, antioxidant and cytotoxic activities of some Sudanese medicinal plants with phenolic and flavonoid contentsHassan, L.; Khadeer Ahamed, M.; Abdul Majid, A.; Baharetha, H.; Muslim, N.; Nassar, Z.; Abdul Majid, A.
2012Antiangiogenesis and antioxidant activity of ethanol extracts of Pithecellobium jiringaMuslim, N.; Nassar, Z.; Aisha, A.; Shafaei, A.; Idris, N.; Majid, A.; Ismail, Z.
2013The antiangiogenic activities of ethanolic crude extracts of four Salvia speciesZihlif, M.; Afifi, F.; Abu-Dahab, R.; Abdul Majid, A.; Somrain, H.; Saleh, M.; Nassar, Z.; Naffa, R.
2015Optimization of an extended H-infinity controller for unmanned helicopter control using Multiobjective Differential Evolution (MODE)Tijani, I.; Akmeliawati, R.; Legowo, A.; Budiyono, A.
2001Phased-Array intracardiac echocardiography to guide radiofrequency ablation in the left atrium and at the pulmonary vein ostiumMorton, J.; Sanders, P.; Byrne, M.; Power, J.; Mow, C.; Edwards, G.; Kalman, J.
2015Morphology, chemistry and U-Pb geochronology of zircon grains in quartz monzodiorite from the Sunzhuang area, Fanshi County, Shanxi ProvinceJiye, S.; Shengrong, L.; Mingkuan, Q.; Yuqi, C.; Junyan, L.; Juquan, Z.; Chenglu, L.; Santosh, M.
2017LSHiForest: A generic framework for fast tree isolation based ensemble anomaly analysisZhang, X.; Dou, W.; He, Q.; Zhou, R.; Leckie, C.; Kotagiri, R.; Salcic, Z.; IEEE 33rd International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE 2017) (19 Apr 2017 - 22 Apr 2017 : San Diego, CA)
2003Using diverse professional teams and a graduate qualities framework to develop generic skills within a commerce degreeMedlin, J.; Graves, C.; McGowan, S.