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2018State updating and calibration period selection to improve dynamic monthly streamflow forecasts for an environmental flow management applicationGibbs, M.; McInerney, D.; Humphrey, G.; Thyer, M.; Maier, H.; Dandy, G.; Kavetski, D.
2018Crystal structure of bovine alpha-chymotrypsin in space group P65Marshall, A.; Keiller, B.; Pederick, J.; Abell, A.; Bruning, J.
2013Bioconcentration of triclosan and methyl-triclosan in marine mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) under laboratory conditions and in metropolitan waters of Gulf St Vincent, South AustraliaKookana, R.; Shareef, A.; Fernandes, M.; Hoare, S.; Gaylard, S.; Kumar, A.
2018Diagnosis of dementia in residential aged care settings in Australia: an opportunity for improvements in quality of care?Dyer, S.; Gnanamanickam, E.; Liu, E.; Whitehead, C.; Crotty, M.
2017Part I, Series J, Section 16: 1943-
2017Part I, Series J, Section 15: 1942-
2017Part I, Series J, Section 13a: 1940-41-
2017Part I, Series J, Section 17: 1944-
2018Adverse pregnancy and neonatal outcomes associated with Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Mycoplasma genitalium, M. hominis, Ureaplasma urealyticum and U. parvum: a systematic review and meta-analysis protocolVallely, L.; Egli-Gany, D.; Pomat, W.; Homer, C.; Guy, R.; Wand, H.; Silver, B.; Rumbold, A.; Kaldor, J.; Low, N.; Vallely, A.
2018A robust Gauss-Newton algorithm for the optimization of hydrological models: benchmarking against industry-standard algorithmsQin, Y.; Kavetski, D.; Kuczera, G.