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2009Immunoglobulin G antisperm antibodies and prediction of spontaneous pregnancyLeushuis, E.; van der Steeg, J.; Steures, P.; Repping, S.; Schols, W.; van der Veen, F.; Mol, B.; Hompes, P.
2009Should endometrial polyps be removed in patients with postmenopausal bleeding? - an assessment of study designs and report of a failed randomised controlled trial (ISRCTN73825127)Timmermans, A.; Veersema, S.; van Kerkvoorde, T.; van der Voet, L.; Opmeer, B.; Bongers, M.; Mol, B.
2009External validation of a clinical scoring system for the risk of gestational diabetes mellitusvan Leeuwen, M.; Opmeer, B.; Zweers, E.; van Ballegooie, E.; ter Brugge, H.; de Valk, H.; Visser, G.; Mol, B.
2009Immobilisation versus immediate mobilisation after intrauterine insemination: randomised controlled trialCusters, I.; Flierman, P.; Maas, P.; Cox, T.; Van Dessel, T.; Gerards, M.; Mochtar, M.; Janssen, C.; van der Veen, F.; Mol, B.
2009Patients' preferences in mode of surgery of an adnexal massGeomini, P.; Bremer, G.; Kruitwagen, R.; Opmeer, B.; Mol, B.
2009How far did we get? How far to go? A European survey on postgraduate courses in evidence-based medicineKunz, R.; Nagy, E.; Coppus, S.; Emparanza, J.; Hadley, J.; Kulier, R.; Weinbrenner, S.; Arvanitis, T.; Burls, A.; Cabello, J.; Decsi, T.; Horvath, A.; Walzak, J.; Kaczor, M.; Zanrei, G.; Pierer, K.; Schaffler, R.; Suter, K.; Mol, B.; Khan, K.
2008Methods of prediction and prevention of pre-eclampsia: systematic reviews of accuracy and effectiveness literature with economic modellingMeads, C.; Cnossen, J.; Meher, S.; Juarez-Garcia, A.; ter Riet, G.; Duley, L.; Roberts, T.; Mol, B.; van der Post, J.; Leeflang, M.; Barton, P.; Hyde, C.; Gupta, J.; Kahn, K.
2009Foetale bewaking intra partum: van stethoscoop naar ST-analyse van het ecgWesterhuis, M.; Strasser, S.; Moons, K.; Mol, B.; Visser, G.; Kwee, A.
2009Indicators for intervention during the expulsive second-stage arrest of labourLeushuis, E.; Tromp, M.; Ravelli, A.; van Huis, A.; Mol, B.; Visser, G.; van der Post, J.
2009Evaluating prediction models in reproductive medicineCoppus, S.; van der Veen, F.; Opmeer, B.; Mol, B.; Bossuyt, P.