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2005Laparoscopic repair of large hiatal herniasAly, A.; Munt, J.; Jamieson, G.; Ludemann, R.; Devitt, P.; Watson, D.
1996Laparoscopic resection of benign tumours of the posterior gastric wallWatson, D.; Game, P.; Devitt, P.
2001A prospective randomized trial of laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication with anterior vs posterior hiatal repairWatson, D.; Jamieson, G.; Devitt, P.; Kennedy, J.; Ellis, T.; Ackroyd, R.; Lafullarde, T.; Game, P.
1997A combined modality approach to the management of oesophageal cancerSmithers, B.; Devitt, P.; Jamieson, G.; Bessell, J.; Gotley, D.; Gill, P.; Neely, M.; Joseph, D.; Yeoh, E.; Burmeister, B.; Denham, J.
2000Clinicians and computers: Friends or foes?Polyakov, A.; Palmer, E.; Devitt, P.; Coventry, B.
2001Laparoscopic cardiomyotomy and anterior partial fundoplication for achalasiaAckroyd, R.; Watson, D.; Devitt, P.; Jamieson, G.
1995Changing strategies in the performance of laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication as a result of experience with 230 operations.Watson, D.; Jamieson, G.; Devitt, P.; Mathew, G.; Britten-Jones, R.; Game, P.; Williams, R.
2009Familial vasopressin-sensitive ACTH-independent macronodular adrenal hyperplasia (VPs-AIMAH): clinical studies of three kindreadsGagliardi, L.; Hotu, C.; Casey, G.; Braund, W.; Ling, K.; Dodd, T.; Manavis, J.; Devitt, P.; Cutfield, R.; Rudzki, Z.; Scott, H.; Torpy, D.
1995Laparoscopic Billroth II gastrectomy for early gastric cancer. (Letter - reply)Watson, D.; Devitt, P.; Game, P.