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2011FluCAN 2009: initial results from sentinel surveillance for adult influenza and pneumonia in eight Australian hospitalsKelly, P.; Kotsimbos, T.; Reynolds, A.; Wood-Baker, R.; Hancox, B.; Brown, S.; Holmes, M.; Simpson, G.; Bowler, S.; Waterer, G.; Irving, L.; Jenkins, C.; Thompson, P.; Cheng, A.
2015Restoring study 329: efficacy and harms of paroxetine and imipramine in treatment of major depression in adolescenceLe Noury, J.; Nardo, J.; Healy, D.; Jureidini, J.; Raven, M.; Tufanaru, C.; Abi-Jaoude, E.
2013Endoscopic transcaruncular repair of large medial orbital wall fractures near the orbital apexWu, W.; Jing, W.; Selva-Nayagam, D.; Cannon, P.; Tu, Y.; Chen, B.
2010Oiling a neglected wheel: An investigation of adolescent internalising problems in rural South AustraliaPapandrea, C.; Winefield, H.; Livingstone, A.
2010Self-injury in Australia: a community surveyMartin, G.; Swannell, S.; Hazell, P.; Harrison, J.; Taylor, A.
2014Let children cryJureidini, J.N.
2015Management of persistent pelvic pain in girls and womenEvans, S.
2013Sex hormone binding globulin, but not testosterone, is associated with the metabolic syndrome in overweight and obese women with polycystic ovary syndromeMoran, L.; Teede, H.; Noakes, M.; Clifton, P.; Norman, R.; Wittert, G.
2010Enhanced liver fibrosis test can predict clinical outcomes in patients with chronic liver diseaseParkes, J.; Roderick, P.; Harris, S.; Day, C.; Mutimer, D.; Collier, J.; Lombard, M.; Alexander, G.; Ramage, J.; Dusheiko, G.; Wheatley, M.; Gough, C.; Burt, A.; Rosenberg, W.
2011Effect of sex on symptoms associated with gastroesophageal refluxChen, Z.; Thompson, S.; Jamieson, G.; Devitt, P.; Watson, D.