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2020Pain in older Australians seeking aged care services: Findings from the Registry of Older South Australians (ROSA)Inacio, M.C.; Visvanathan, R.; Lang, C.E.; Amare, A.; Harrison, S.L.; Wesselingh, S.
2020Effect of aspirin vs placebo on the prevention of depression in older people: a randomized clinical trialBerk, M.; Woods, R.L.; Nelson, M.R.; Shah, R.C.; Reid, C.M.; Storey, E.; Fitzgerald, S.; Lockery, J.E.; Wolfe, R.; Mohebbi, M.; Dodd, S.; Murray, A.M.; Stocks, N.; Fitzgerald, P.B.; Mazza, C.; Agustini, B.; McNeil, J.J.
2021Effects of intragastric administration of L-tryptophan on the glycaemic response to a nutrient drink in men with type 2 diabetes - impacts on gastric emptying, glucoregulatory hormones and glucose absorptionHajishafiee, M.; Elovaris, R.A.; Jones, K.L.; Heilbronn, L.K.; Horowitz, M.; Poppitt, S.D.; Feinle-Bisset, C.
2021Clinical implications of research on frailtyVisvanathan, R.; Yu, S.
2021Boosting brain plasticity in older adults with non-invasive brain co-stimulationSemmler, J.G.; Opie, G.M.
2020An investigation of antihypertensive class, dementia, and cognitive declinePeters, R.; Yasar, S.; Anderson, C.S.; Andrews, S.; Antikainen, R.; Arima, H.; Beckett, N.; Beer, J.C.; Bertens, A.S.; Booth, A.; van Boxtel, M.; Brayne, C.; Brodaty, H.; Carlson, M.C.; Chalmers, J.; Corrada, M.; DeKosky, S.; Derby, C.; Dixon, R.A.; Forette, F.; et al.
2020What does integrated care mean from an older person’s perspective? A scoping reviewLawless, M.; Marshall, A.J.; Mittinty, M.; Harvey, G.
2020Cholesterol crystal-induced coronary inflammation: Insights from optical coherence tomography and pericoronary adipose tissue computed tomography attenuationLin, A.; Nerlekar, N.; Munnur, R.K.; Kataoka, Y.; Andrews, J.; Dey, D.; Nicholls, S.J.; Wong, D.T.
2020Lineage of measurable residual disease in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia in treatment-free remissionPagani, I.S.; Dang, P.; Saunders, V.A.; Grose, R.; Shanmuganathan, N.; Kok, C.H.; Carne, L.; Rwodzi, Z.; Watts, S.; McLean, J.; Braley, J.; Altamura, H.; Yeung, D.T.; Branford, S.; Yong, A.S.M.; White, D.L.; Hughes, T.P.; Ross, D.M.
2020Rationale and design of the CLEAR-outcomes trial: Evaluating the effect of Bempedoic acid on cardiovascular events in patients with statin intoleranceNicholls, S.J.; Lincoff, A.M.; Bays, H.E.; Cho, L.; Grobbee, D.E.; Kastelein, J.J.; Libby, P.; Moriarty, P.M.; Plutzky, J.; Ray, K.K.; Thompson, P.D.; Sasiela, W.; Mason, D.; McCluskey, J.; Davey, D.; Wolski, K.; Nissen, S.E.