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2002Transforming growth factor β — a mediator of immune deviation in seminal plasmaRobertson, S.; Ingman, W.; O'Leary, S.; Sharkey, D.; Tremellen, K.
2007Seminal fluid signaling in the female reproductive tract: Lessons from rodents and pigsRobertson, S.
2004Effect of β₂‐glycoprotein I null mutation on reproductive outcome and antiphospholipid antibody‐mediated pregnancy pathology in miceRobertson, S.; Roberts, C.; van Beijering, E.; Pensa, K.; Sheng, Y.; Shi, T.; Krilis, S.
2004Semen activates the female immune response during early pregnancy in miceJohansson, M.; Bromfield, J.; Jasper, M.; Robertson, S.
2006Essential role for IL-10 in resistance to lipopolysaccharide-induced preterm labor in miceRobertson, S.; Skinner, R.; Care, A.
2006Influence of semen on inflammatory modulators of embryo implantationRobertson, S.; O'Leary, S.; Armstrong, D.; Ashworth, C.; Kraeling, R.; International Conference on Pig Reproduction (7th : 2005 : Kerkrade, the Netherlands)
2009Cross-presentation of male seminal fluid antigens elicits T cell activation to initiate the female immune response to pregnancyMoldenhauer, L.; Diener, K.; Thring, D.; Brown, M.; Hayball, J.; Robertson, S.
2017An immunogenic phenotype in paternal antigen-specific CD8⁺ T cells at embryo implantation elicits later fetal loss in miceMoldenhauer, L.; Diener, K.; Hayball, J.; Robertson, S.
2001Impaired thrombin generation in b2-glycoprotein I null miceSheng, Y.; Reddel, S.; Herzog, H.; Wang, Y.; Brighton, T.; France, M.; Robertson, S.; Krilis, S.
2012TGF-β mediates proinflammatory seminal fluid signaling in human cervical epithelial cellsSharkey, D.; Macpherson, A.; Tremellen, K.; Mottershead, D.; Gilchrist, R.; Robertson, S.