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Type: Text
Title: Part I, Series J, Section 12: 1939
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Request from HEM to enlist or to take long leave in N.Z., HEM's permission to return to the Pacific from Zanzibar, thanks for congratulations on receipt of his MBE, request for the supply of small denomination coinage, settlement of South Gilbertese people on the Phoenix Islands, telegrams, some coded, Maude’s notes on application for maintenance by Nei Ribua, RH Garvey to High Commissioner, correspondence between HEM and Paddy Macdonald, Hon Sec. Old Cholmeleian Society to Maude, telegram High Com. to Res. Commissioner, Minute from High Comissioner, Interpretation of Cable Gallagher to Burns Philp, some letters in Gilbertese.
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