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Title: Part I, Series J, Section 15: 1942
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Official memoranda on fees for marriages in Pitcairn Island; supplies to Beru and malnutrition; native marriages in the Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony; closed districts in the Colony, U.S. Intelligence Services at Honolulu; compensation for war damage on Funafuti. Also minute on proposal by Luke to establish a quarterly publication for Fiji and the Western Pacific as a record of experiences, anthropological data and other information of general interest. Official congratulations from Luke on Maude's completion of his mission to Pitcairn Island, and commendation and recommendation by Luke for Maude’s retention as First Assistant Secretary to the High Commission until the end of the war. Correspondence with colleagues Macdonald, Holland (Tonga), Lieut.-Col. V. Fox-Strangways (Canton Island), Lieut. E.J. Coode (Funafuti Island), Reid Cowell (Fanning Island) and J.K. Brownlees (Nuku'alofa, Tonga). Further correspondence with Skinner, Otago Museum, re collection of adzes, and C.R.H. Taylor, Alexander Turnbull Library and with Holland re Tongan orthography; also personal correspondence with Fred. Christian and G.H. Eastman.
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