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2020Approximate Fisher information matrix to characterise the training of deep neural networksLiao, Z.; Drummond, T.; Reid, I.; Carneiro, G.
2020Truth finding by reliability estimation on inconsistent entities for heterogeneous data setsTian, H.; Sheng, W.; Shen, H.; Wang, C.
2020Automatically categorizing software technologiesNassif, M.; Treude, C.; Robillard, M.
2020Adaptive importance learning for improving lightweight image super-resolution networkZhang, L.; Wang, P.; Shen, C.; Liu, L.; Wei, W.; Zhang, Y.; van den Hengel, A.
2020Automatic quality assessment of transperineal ultrasound images of the male pelvic region, using deep learningCamps, S.; Houben, T.; Carneiro, G.; Edwards, C.; Antico, M.; Dunnhofer, M.; Martens, E.; Baeza, J.; Vanneste, B.; van Limbergen, E.; de With, P.; Verhaegen, F.; Fontanarosa, D.
2020Community-based influence maximization in attributed networksHuang, H.; Shen, H.; Meng, Z.
2020Robust fitting in computer vision: Easy or hard?Chin, T.-.J.; Cai, Z.; Neumann, F.
2020Rapid classification of TESS planet candidates with convolutional neural networksOsborn, H.; Ansdell, M.; Ioannou, Y.; Sasdelli, M.; Angerhausen, D.; Caldwell, D.; Jenkins, J.; Raeissi, C.; Smith, J.
2020Deep learning-based femoral cartilage automatic segmentation in ultrasound imaging for guidance in robotic knee arthroscopyAntico, M.; Sasazawa, F.; Dunnhofer, M.; Camps, S.; Jaiprakash, A.; Pandey, A.; Crawford, R.; Carneiro, G.; Fontanarosa, D.
2020Siam-U-Net: encoder-decoder siamese network for knee cartilage tracking in ultrasound imagesDunnhofer, M.; Antico, M.; Sasazawa, F.; Takeda, Y.; Camps, S.; Martinel, N.; Micheloni, C.; Carneiro, G.; Fontanarosa, D.
2020Depth based semantic scene completion with position importance aware lossLi, J.; Liu, Y.; Yuan, X.; Zhao, C.; Siegwart, R.; Reid, I.; Cadena, C.
2020A content-based active-set method for pressure-dependent models of water distribution systems with flow controlsPILLER, O.; Elhay, S.; Deuerlein, J.; Simpson, A.
2020Analysis of the (1 + 1) EA on subclasses of linear functions under uniform and linear constraintsFriedrich, T.; K├Âtzing, T.; Lagodzinski, J.; Neumann, F.; Schirneck, M.
2020RefineNet: multi-path refinement networks for dense predictionLin, G.; Liu, F.; Milan, A.; Shen, C.; Reid, I.
2020BVPSMS: A batch verification protocol for end-to-end secure SMS for mobile usersSaxena, N.; Shen, H.; Komninos, N.; Choo, K.; Chaudhari, N.
2020ATLAS data quality operations and performance for 2015-2018 data-takingAad, G.; Abbott, B.; Abbott, D.; Abed Abud, A.; Abeling, K.; Abhayasinghe, D.; Abidi, S.; Abouzeid, O.; Abraham, N.; Abramowicz, H.; Abreu, H.; Abulaiti, Y.; Acharya, B.; Achkar, B.; Adachi, S.; Adam, L.; Adam Bourdarios, C.; Adamczyk, L.; Adamek, L.; Adelman, J.; et al.
2020Optimization of chance-constrained submodular functionsDoerr, B.; Doerr, C.; Neumann, A.; Neumann, F.; Sutton, A.M.; Thirty-Fourth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) (07 Feb 2020 - 12 Feb 2020 : New York, NY, USA)
2020MobileFAN: transferring deep hidden representation for face alignmentZhao, Y.; Liu, Y.; Shen, C.; Gao, Y.; Xiong, S.
2020Realizing an Internet of Secure Things: a survey on issues and enabling technologiesHamad, S.; Sheng, Q.; Zhang, W.; Nepal, S.
2019Multi-Task Structure-Aware Context Modeling for Robust Keypoint-Based Object TrackingLi, X.; Zhao, L.; Ji, W.; Wu, Y.; Wu, F.; Yang, M.; Tao, D.; Reid, I.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2650