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2021A note on crossed productsChojnacki, W.
2021Towards accurate HDR imaging with learning generator constraintsYan, Q.; Wang, B.; Zhang, L.; Zhang, J.; You, Z.; Shi, Q.; Zhang, Y.
2021Towards using count-level weak supervision for crowd countingLei, Y.; Liu, Y.; Zhang, P.; Liu, L.
2021SecuCode: intrinsic PUF entangled secure wireless code dissemination for computational RFID devicesSu, Y.; Gao, Y.; Chesser, M.; Kavehei, O.; Sample, A.; Ranasinghe, D.
2021A non-dominated sorting based customized random-key genetic algorithm for the bi-objective traveling thief problemChagas, J.B.C.; Blank, J.; Wagner, M.; Souza, M.J.F.; Deb, K.
2021Whack-a-meltdown: microarchitectural security gamesGenkin, D.; Yarom, Y.
2021Designing a security platform for collaborating autonomous systems - an experience reportChauhan, M.A.; Babar, M.A.; Grainger, S.; IEEE International Conference on Software Architecture Companion (ICSA-C) (22 Mar 2021 - 26 Mar 2021 : virtual online)
2021ReaDmE: Read-rate based dynamic execution scheduling for intermittent RF-Powered devicesSu, Y.; Ranasinghe, D.C.; IEEE International Conference on RFID (RFID) (27 Apr 2021 - 29 Apr 2021 : virtual online)
2021Learning to zoom-in via learning to zoom-out: real-world super-resolution by generating and adapting degradationSun, W.; Gong, D.; Shi, Q.; van den Hengel, A.; Zhang, Y.
2021Design thinking for cyber deceptionAshenden, D.; Black, R.; Reid, I.; Henderson, S.; Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) (5 Jan 2021 - 8 Jan 2021 : Kauai, Hawaii)
2021LOW: Training deep neural networks by learning optimal sample weightsSantiago, C.; Barata, C.; Sasdelli, M.; Carneiro, G.; Nascimento, J.C.
2021MATE: A Model-Based Algorithm Tuning Engine: A proof of concept towards transparent feature-dependent parameter tuning using symbolic regressionEl Yafrani, M.; Scoczynski, M.; Sung, I.; Wagner, M.; Doerr, C.; Nielsen, P.; European Conference on Evolutionary Computation in Combinatorial Optimization (EvoCOP) (7 Apr 2021 - 9 Apr 2021 : virtual online)
2021Exploring the Inchworm problem's ability to measure basic CS SkillsIzu, M.; Sherriff, M.; Merkle, L.D.; Cutter, P.A.; Monge, A.E.; Sheard, J.; ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education Conference (SIGCSE) (13 Mar 2021 - 20 Mar 2021 : virtual online)
2021Hybrid-triggered interval type-2 fuzzy control for networked systems under attacksLian, Z.; Shi, P.; Lim, C.C.
2021Show, price and negotiate: a hierarchical attention recurrent visual negotiatorParvaneh, A.; Abbasnejad, E.; Wu, Q.; Shi, J.
2021Label definitions augmented interaction model for legal charge predictionKang, L.; Liu, J.; Liu, L.; Ye, D.; European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR) (28 Mar 2021 - 1 Apr 2021 : virtual online)
2021Combining query reduction and expansion for text-retrieval-based bug localizationFlorez, J.M.; Chaparro, O.; Treude, C.; Marcus, A.; IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution and Reengineering (SANER) (9 Mar 2021 - 12 Mar 2021 : virtual online)
2021BERT-CoQAC: BERT-based conversational question answering in contextZaib, M.; Tran, D.H.; Sagar, S.; Mahmood, A.; Zhang, W.E.; Sheng, Q.Z.; International Symposium on Parallel Architectures, Algorithms and Programming (PAAP) (28 Dec 2020 - 30 Dec 2020 : Shenzhen, China)
2021An attention-guided deep neural network with multi-scale feature fusion for liver vessel segmentationYan, Q.; Wang, B.; Zhang, W.; Luo, C.; Xu, W.; Xu, Z.; Zhang, Y.; Shi, Q.; Zhang, L.; You, Z.
2021Sliding mode control for Markov Jump Systems with delays via asynchronous approachFang, M.; Shi, P.; Dong, S.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2888