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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Tree-based data retrieval algorithm for multi-item request with deadline in wireless networksHe, P.; Shen, H.; Li, Y.
2016CloudArmor: supporting reputation-based trust management for cloud servicesNoor, T.H.; Sheng, Q.Z.; Yao, L.; Dustdar, S.; Ngu, A.H.H.
2016When things matter: a survey on data-centric internet of thingsQin, Y.; Sheng, Q.Z.; Falkner, N.J.G.; Dustdar, S.; Wang, H.; Vasilakos, A.V.
2016Analysis of network-on-chip topologies for cost-efficient chip multiprocessorsOrtín-Obón, M.; Suárez-Gracia, D.; Villarroya-Gaudó, M.; Izu, C.; Viñals-Yúfera, V.
2016A parameterised complexity analysis of bi-level optimisation with evolutionary algorithmsCorus, D.; Lehre, P.K.; Neumann, F.; Pourhassan, M.
2016Robust model fitting using higher than minimal subset samplingTennakoon, R.B.; Bab-Hadiashar, A.; Cao, Z.; Hoseinnezhad, R.; Suter, D.
2016Personal health indexing based on medical examinations: a data mining approachChen, L.; Li, X.; Yang, Y.; Kurniawati, H.; Sheng, Q.Z.; Hu, H.Y.; Huang, N.
2016Multi-criteria feature selection on cost-sensitive data with missing valuesShu, W.; Shen, H.
2016Augmenting API documentation with insights from Stack OverflowTreude, C.; Robillard, M.P.; International Conference on Software Engineering (14 May 2016 - 22 May 2016 : Austin, Texas)
2016Canonical principal angles correlation analysis for two-view dataWang, S.; Lu, J.; Gu, X.; Shen, C.; Xia, R.; Yang, J.
2016Analysis of stability, local convergence, and transformation sensitivity of a variant of particle swarm optimization algorithmBonyadi, M.; Michalewicz, Z.
2016Things of interest recommendation by leveraging heterogeneous relations in the internet of thingsYao, L.; Sheng, Q.Z.; Ngu, A.H.H.; Li, X.
2016Effectiveness of a batteryless and wireless wearable sensor system for identifying bed and chair exits in healthy older peopleShinmoto Torres, R.L.; Visvanathan, R.; Hoskins, S.; Van den Hengel, A.; Ranasinghe, D.C.
2015Worst case linear discriminant analysis as scalable semidefinite feasibility problemsLi, H.; Shen, C.; Van Den Hengel, A.; Shi, Q.
2015Making recommendations from top-N user-item subgroupsJi, K.; Shen, H.
2015A unified feature selection framework for graph embedding on high dimensional dataChen, M.; Tsang, I.W.; Tan, M.; Cham, T.J.
2015An improved joint optimization of multiple level set functions for the segmentation of overlapping cervical cellsLu, Z.; Carneiro, G.; Bradley, A.P.
2015Hashing on nonlinear manifoldsShen, F.; Shen, C.; Shi, Q.; Van Den Hengel, A.; Tang, Z.; Shen, H.T.
2015Seeding the initial population of multi-objective evolutionary algorithms: A computational studyFriedrich, T.; Wagner, M.
2015Density maximization for improving graph matching with its applicationsWang, C.; Wang, L.; Liu, L.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1864