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2016Ocean acidification alters fish populations indirectly through habitat modificationNagelkerken, I.; Russell, B.D.; Gillanders, B.M.; Connell, S.D.
2016An assessment of ancient DNA preservation in Holocene-Pleistocene fossil bone excavated from the world heritage Naracoorte Caves, South AustraliaGrealy, A.; Macken, A.; Allentoft, M.; Rawlence, N.; Reed, E.H.; Bunce, M.
2016How to rank journalsBradshaw, C.J.; Brook, B.W.
2016Automated microseismic event location using Master-Event Waveform StackingGrigoli, F.; Cesca, S.; Krieger, L.U.; Kriegerowski, M.; Gammaldi, S.; Horalek, J.; Priolo, E.; Dahm, T.
2016Fifteen species in one: deciphering the Brachionus plicatilis species complex (Rotifera, Monogononta) through DNA taxonomyMills, S.; Alcántara-Rodríguez, J.A.; Ciros-Pérez, J.; Gómez, A.; Hagiwara, A.; Galindo, K.H.; Jersabek, C.D.; Malekzadeh-Viayeh, R.; Leasi, F.; Lee, J.S.; Mark Welch, D.B.; Papakostas, S.; Riss, S.; Segers, H.; Serra, M.; Shiel, R.; Smolak, R.; Snell, T.W.; Stelzer, C.P.; Tang, C.Q.; et al.
2016Effects of eucalypt nutritional quality on the Bog gum-Victorian metapopulation of Ctenarytaina bipartita and implications for host and range expansionSteinbauer, M.J.; Farnier, K.; Taylor, G.S.; Salminen, J.P.
2016Antarctic eukaryotic soil diversity of the Prince Charles Mountains revealed by high-throughput sequencingCzechowski, P.; Clarke, L.J.; Breen, J.; Cooper, A.; Stevens, M.I.
2016Banning trophy hunting will exacerbate biodiversity lossDi Minin, E.; Leader-Williams, N.; Bradshaw, C.J.A.
2016An efficient protocol for the global sensitivity analysis of stochastic ecological modelsProwse, T.A.A.; Bradshaw, C.J.A.; Delean, S.; Cassey, P.; Lacy, R.C.; Wells, K.; Aiello-Lammens, M.E.; Akçakaya, H.R.; Brook, B.W.
2015Taphonomy and morphology of the Ediacara form genus AspidellaTarhan, L.G.; Droser, M.L.; Gehling, J.G.; Dzaugis, M.P.
2015Contribution of water chemistry and fish condition to otolith chemistry: comparisons across salinity environmentsIzzo, C.; Doubleday, Z.A.; Schultz, A.G.; Woodcock, S.H.; Gillanders, B.M.
2015Straddling the divide: den use by brushtail possums (Trichosurus vulpecula) in urban parklandsCarthew, S.M.; Yáñez, B.M.; Ruykys, L.
2015Reviewer recommendations and editors' decisions for a conservation journal: Is it just a crapshoot? And do Chinese authors get a fair shot?Campos-Arceiz, A.; Primack, R.B.; Koh, L.P.
2015Zircon geochemical and geochronological constraints on contaminated and enriched mantle sources beneath the Arabian Shield, Saudi ArabiaRobinson, F.; Foden, J.D.; Collins, A.
2015Forest resilience and tipping points at different spatio-temporal scales: approaches and challengesReyer, C.P.O.; Brouwers, N.; Rammig, A.; Brook, B.W.; Epila, J.; Grant, R.F.; Holmgren, M.; Langerwisch, F.; Leuzinger, S.; Lucht, W.; Medlyn, B.; Pfeifer, M.; Steinkamp, J.; Vanderwel, M.C.; Verbeeck, H.; Villela, D.M.
2015The oxygen supply to thermogenic flowersSeymour, R.S.; Ito, K.; Umekawa, Y.; Matthews, P.D.G.; Pirintsos, S.A.
2015An update of monocot macrofossil data from New Zealand and AustraliaConran, J.G.; Bannister, J.M.; Lee, D.E.; Carpenter, R.J.; Kennedy, E.M.; Reichgelt, T.; Fordyce, R.E.
2015Understanding the nested, multi-scale, spatial and hierarchical nature of future climate change adaptation decision making in agricultural regions: a narrative literature reviewLyle, G.
2015Modelling and forecasting the heterogeneous distribution of picocyanobacteria in the tropical Lajes Reservoir (Brazil) by evolutionary computationRecknagel, F.; Branco, C.W.C.; Cao, H.; Huszar, V.L.M.; Sousa-Filho, F.
2015Climate impacts on transocean dispersal and habitat in gray whales from the Pleistocene to 2100Alter, S.E.; Meyer, M.; Post, K.; Czechowski, P.; Gravlund, P.; Gaines, C.; Rosenbaum, H.C.; Kaschner, K.; Turvey, S.T.; Van Der Plicht, J.; Shapiro, B.; Hofreiter, M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 5300