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2019How practitioners integrate decision triggers with existing metrics in conservation monitoringFoster, C.; O'Loughlin, L.; Sato, C.; Westgate, M.; Barton, P.; Pierson, J.; Balmer, J.; Catt, G.; Chapman, J.; Detto, T.; Hawcroft, A.; Jones, G.; Kavanagh, R.; McKay, M.; Marshall, D.; Moseby, K.; Perry, M.; Robinson, D.; Seddon, J.; Tuft, K.; et al.
2019Searching for an effective pre-release screening tool for translocations: can trap temperament predict behaviour and survival in the wild?West, R.; Blumstein, D.; Letnic, M.; Moseby, K.
2019The validity of optimal leaf traits modelled on environmental conditionsBloomfield, K.; Prentice, I.; Cernusak, L.; Eamus, D.; Medlyn, B.; Rumman, R.; Wright, I.; Boer, M.; Cale, P.; Cleverly, J.; Egerton, J.; Ellsworth, D.; Evans, B.; Hayes, L.; Hutchinson, M.; Liddell, M.; Macfarlane, C.; Meyer, W.; Togashi, H.; Wardlaw, T.; et al.
2019Comparative population genomics confirms little population structure in two commercially targeted carcharhinid sharksJunge, C.; Donnellan, S.; Huveneers, C.; Bradshaw, C.; Simon, A.; Drew, M.; Duffy, C.; Johnson, G.; Cliff, G.; Braccini, M.; Cutmore, S.; Butcher, P.; McAuley, R.; Peddemors, V.; Rogers, P.; Gillanders, B.
2019Rift and plate boundary evolution across two supercontinent cyclesMerdith, A.; Williams, S.; Brune, S.; Collins, A.; Müller, R.
2018Testing hypoxia: physiological effects of long-term exposure in two freshwater fishesGilmore, K.; Doubleday, Z.; Gillanders, B.
2018Stenian-Tonian arc magmatism in west-central Madagascar: the genesis of the Dabolava SuiteArchibald, D.; Collins, A.; Foden, J.; Payne, J.; Macey, P.; Holden, P.; Razakamanana, T.
2018Diversity patterns of subterranean invertebrate fauna in calcretes of the Yilgarn region, Western AustraliaHyde, J.; Cooper, S.; Humphreys, W.; Austin, A.; Munguia, P.
2018Biogeographic history of subterranean isopods from groundwater calcrete islands in Western AustraliaJavidkar, M.; Cooper, S.; Humphreys, W.; King, R.; Judd, S.; Austin, A.
2018Genome of the Tasmanian tiger provides insights into the evolution and demography of an extinct marsupial carnivoreFeigin, C.; Newton, A.; Doronina, L.; Schmitz, J.; Hipsley, C.; Mitchell, K.; Gower, G.; Llamas, B.; Soubrier, J.; Heider, T.; Menzies, B.; Cooper, A.; O'Neill, R.; Pask, A.
2018Respiration of thermogenic inflorescences of skunk cabbage Symplocarpus renifolius in helioxSeymour, R.; Ito, K.; Umekawa, Y.
2018A new species of Halmaheramys (Rodentia: Muridae) from Bisa and Obi Islands (North Maluku Province, Indonesia)Fabre, P.; Reeve, A.; Fitriana, Y.; Aplin, K.; Helgen, K.
2018Evidence of sensory-driven behavior in the Ediacaran organism Parvancorina: Implications and autecological interpretationsCoutts, F.; Bradshaw, C.; García-Bellido, D.; Gehling, J.
2018Evaluating methods for extraction of α-cellulose from leaves of Melaleuca quinquenervia for stable carbon and oxygen isotope analysisGreer, J.; McInerney, F.; Vann, D.; Song, X.
2018Otolith chemistry does not just reflect environmental conditions: a meta-analytic evaluationIzzo, C.; Reis-Santos, P.; Gillanders, B.
2018Standardised genetic diversity-life history correlates for improved genetic resource management of Neotropical treesLowe, A.; Breed, M.; Caron, H.; Colpaert, N.; Dick, C.; Finegan, B.; Gardner, M.; Gheysen, G.; Gribel, R.; Harris, J.; Kremer, A.; Lemes, M.; Margis, R.; Navarro, C.; Salgueiro, F.; Villalobos-Barrantes, H.; Cavers, S.
2018A continental-scale assessment of variability in leaf traits: within species, across sites and between seasonsBloomfield, K.; Cernusak, L.; Eamus, D.; Ellsworth, D.; Colin Prentice, I.; Wright, I.; Boer, M.; Bradford, M.; Cale, P.; Cleverly, J.; Egerton, J.; Evans, B.; Hayes, L.; Hutchinson, M.; Liddell, M.; Macfarlane, C.; Meyer, W.; Prober, S.; Togashi, H.; Wardlaw, T.; et al.
2018Molecular evidence for the first records of facultative parthenogenesis in elapid snakesAllen, L.; Sanders, K.; Thomson, V.
2018Predicting the cumulative effect of multiple disturbances on seagrass connectivityGrech, A.; Hanert, E.; McKenzie, L.; Rasheed, M.; Thomas, C.; Tol, S.; Wang, M.; Waycott, M.; Wolter, J.; Coles, R.
2018A multi-lake comparative analysis of the General Lake Model (GLM): Stress-testing across a global observatory networkBruce, L.; Frassl, M.; Arhonditsis, G.; Gal, G.; Hamilton, D.; Hanson, P.; Hetherington, A.; Melack, J.; Read, J.; Rinke, K.; Rigosi, A.; Trolle, D.; Winslow, L.; Adrian, R.; Ayala, A.; Bocaniov, S.; Boehrer, B.; Boon, C.; Brookes, J.; Bueche, T.; et al.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 5790