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2017Seasonally resolved environmental reconstructions using fish otolithsIzzo, C.; Doubleday, Z.; Grammer, G.; Disspain, M.; Ye, Q.; Gillanders, B.
2017Ocean acidification alters temperature and salinity preferences in larval fishPistevos, J.; Nagelkerken, I.; Rossi, T.; Connell, S.
2017The potential for deep groundwater use by Acacia papyrocarpa (Western myall) in a water-limited environmentSteggles, E.; Holland, K.; Chittleborough, D.; Doudle, S.; Clarke, L.; Watling, J.; Facelli, J.
2017Seasonal variation in the nature of DOM in a river and drinking water reservoir of a closed catchmentAwad, J.; van Leeuwen, J.; Chow, C.; Smernik, R.; Anderson, S.; Cox, J.
2017The leafy seadragon, Phycodurus eques, a flagship species with low but structured genetic variabilityStiller, J.; Wilson, N.; Donnellan, S.; Rouse, G.
2017Characterising the spawning patterns of Jack Mackerel (Trachurus declivis) off eastern Australia to optimise future survey designSexton, S.; Ward, T.; Huveneers, C.
2017East African origins for Madagascan chickens as indicated by mitochondrial DNAHerrera, M.; Thomson, V.; Wadley, J.; Piper, P.; Sulandari, S.; Dharmayanthi, A.; Kraitsek, S.; Gongora, J.; Austin, J.
2017Remembering Roxby Downs: Mythology, mining and the latent power of archivesSutton, P.
2017Analysis of vertebral chemistry to assess stock structure in a deep-sea shark, Etmopterus spinaxMcMillan, M.; Izzo, C.; Junge, C.; Albert, O.; Jung, A.; Gillanders, B.
2016Ocean acidification alters fish populations indirectly through habitat modificationNagelkerken, I.; Russell, B.D.; Gillanders, B.M.; Connell, S.D.
2016An assessment of ancient DNA preservation in Holocene-Pleistocene fossil bone excavated from the world heritage Naracoorte Caves, South AustraliaGrealy, A.; Macken, A.; Allentoft, M.; Rawlence, N.; Reed, E.H.; Bunce, M.
2016Effects of eucalypt nutritional quality on the Bog gum-Victorian metapopulation of Ctenarytaina bipartita and implications for host and range expansionSteinbauer, M.J.; Farnier, K.; Taylor, G.S.; Salminen, J.P.
2016Biological role in the transformation of platinum-group mineral grainsReith, F.; Zammit, C.M.; Shar, S.S.; Etschmann, B.; Bottrill, R.; Southam, G.; Ta, C.; Kilburn, M.; Oberthür, T.; Ball, A.S.; Brugger, J.
2016Mesophotic reef fish assemblages of the remote St. Peter and St. Paul’s Archipelago, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, BrazilRosa, M.R.; Alves, A.C.A.; Medeiros, D.V.; Coni, E.O.C.; Ferreira, C.M.; Ferreira, B.P.; de Souza Rosa, R.; Amado-Filho, G.M.; Pereira-Filho, G.H.; Moura, R.L.; Thompson, F.L.; Sumida, P.Y.G.; Francini-Filho, R.B.
2016Maternal influence on eggshell maculation: implications for cryptic camouflaged eggsDuval, C.; Cassey, P.; Lovell, P.G.; Miksik, I.; Reynolds, S.J.; Spencer, K.A.
2016Evaluating the drivers of Indo-Pacific biodiversity: speciation and dispersal of sea snakes (Elapidae: Hydrophiinae)Ukuwela, K.D.B.; Lee, M.S.Y.; Rasmussen, A.R.; de Silva, A.; Mumpuni; Fry, B.G.; Ghezellou, P.; Rezaie-Atagholipour, M.; Sanders, K.L.
2016Implications of environmental trajectories for Limits of Acceptable Change: a case study of the Riverland Ramsar Site, South AustraliaNewall, P.R.; Lloyd, L.N.; Gell, P.A.; Walker, K.F.
2016Implications of Australia's population policy for future greenhouse gas emissions targetsBradshaw, C.J.; Brook, B.W.
2016Detrital zircon analysis of the southwest Indochina terrane, central Thailand: unravelling the Indosinian orogenyArboit, F.; Collins, A.S.; Morley, C.K.; King, R.; Amrouch, K.
2016Automated microseismic event location using Master-Event Waveform StackingGrigoli, F.; Cesca, S.; Krieger, L.U.; Kriegerowski, M.; Gammaldi, S.; Horalek, J.; Priolo, E.; Dahm, T.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 5452