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2017Scalable formation control in stealth with limited sensing rangeYu, H.; Shi, P.; Lim, C.
2017Stability of neutral stochastic switched time delay systems: an average dwell time approachChen, H.; Shi, P.; Lim, C.
2017Adenotonsillectomy for childhood obstructive sleep apnoea reduces thoraco-abdominal asynchrony but spontaneous apnoea-hypopnoea index normalisation does notLiu, X.; Immanuel, S.; Pamula, Y.; Kennedy, D.; Martin, J.; Baumert, M.
2017Hybrid polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell-lithium-ion battery powertrain testing platform - hybrid fuel cell electric vehicle emulatorBujlo, P.; Xie, C.; Shen, D.; Ulleberg, O.; Pasupathi, S.; Pasciak, G.; Pollet, B.
2017The legal minefield of 3D printed gunsMatthews, R.
2017Compositional model based Fisher vector coding for image classificationLiu, L.; Wang, P.; Shen, C.; Wang, L.; van den Hengel, A.; Wang, C.; Shen, H.
2017Efficient globally optimal consensus maximisation with tree searchChin, T.; Purkait, P.; Eriksson, A.; Suter, D.
2017Analytical modeling and optimization of electret-based microgenerators under sinusoidal excitationsNguyen, C.; Ranasinghe, D.; Al-Sarawi
2017Disturbance-observer-based robust synchronization control for a class of fractional-order chaotic systemsChen, M.; Shao, S.; Shi, P.; Shi, Y.
2017Accurate charge transport model for nanoionic memristive devicesAmirsoleimani, A.; Shamsi, J.; Ahmadi, M.; Ahmadi, A.; Alirezaee, S.; Mohammadi, K.; Karami, M.; Yakopcic, C.; Kavehei, O.; Al-Sarawi, S.
2017Input-to-state stability of nonlinear stochastic time-varying systems with impulsive effectsWu, X.; Shi, P.; Tang, Y.; Zhang, W.
2017Assist-as-needed control of an intrinsically compliant robotic gait training orthosisHussain, S.; Jamwal, P.; Ghayesh, M.; Xie, S.
2016Fuzzy horizon group shift FIR filtering for nonlinear systems with Takagi-Sugeno modelPak, J.M.; Ahn, C.K.; Lee, C.J.; Shi, P.; Lim, M.T.; Song, M.K.
2016Quantitative-electrogram-based methods for guiding catheter ablation in atrial fibrillationBaumert, M.; Sanders, P.; Ganesan, A.
2016Effects of ECG sampling rate on QT interval variability measurementBaumert, M.; Schmidt, M.; Zaunseder, S.; Porta, A.
2016Optimal design of an electro-hydraulic valve for heavy-duty vehicle clutch actuator with certain constraintsMeng, F.; Shi, P.; Karimi, H.R.; Zhang, H.
2016Transmission-line model of nonuniform leaky-wave antennasNguyen-Trong, N.; Hall, L.; Fumeaux, C.
2016Performance assessment of switched control systems based on tensor space approachJiang, D.Y.; Hu, L.S.; Shi, P.
2016A real-time collision avoidance learning system for Unmanned Surface VesselsZhao, Y.; Li, W.; Shi, P.
2016Finite-time stability and stabilisation for a class of nonlinear systems with time-varying delayLiu, H.; Shi, P.; Karimi, H.R.; Chadli, M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2603