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2020The structure and metal binding properties of Chlamydia trachomatis YtgALuo, Z.; Neville, S.L.; Campbell, R.; Morey, J.R.; Menon, S.; Thomas, M.; Eijkelkamp, B.A.; Ween, M.P.; Huston, W.M.; Kobe, B.; McDevitt, C.A.
2019Varicella vaccine effectiveness over 10 years in Australia; moderate protection from 1-dose programQuinn, H.; Gidding, H.; Marshall, H.; Booy, R.; Elliott, E.; Richmond, P.; Crawford, N.; McIntyre, P.; Macartney, K.
2019Synergy between nutritional immunity and independent host defenses contributes to the importance of the MntABC manganese transporter during Staphylococcus aureus infectionRadin, J.R.; Zhu, J.; Brazel, E.; McDevitt, C.; Kehl-Fie, T.E.
2019The structure and activity of the glutathione reductase from Streptococcus pneumoniaSikanyika, M.; Aragão, D.; McDevitt, C.; Maher, M.
2019The role of metal ions in the virulence and viability of bacterial pathogensBegg, S.
2019Tissue and nitrogen-linked expression profiles of ammonium and nitrate transporters in maizeDechorgnat, J.; Francis, K.L.; Dhugga, K.S.; Rafalski, J.A.; Tyerman, S.D.; Kaiser, B.N.
2019An environmental cleaning bundle and health-care-associated infections in hospitals (REACH): a multicentre, randomised trialMitchell, B.; Hall, L.; White, N.; Barnett, A.; Halton, K.; Paterson, D.; Riley, T.; Gardner, A.; Page, K.; Farrington, A.; Gericke, C.; Graves, N.
2019Dissecting the gene expression, localization, membrane topology, and function of the plasmodium falciparum STEVOR protein familyWichers, J.; Scholz, J.; Strauss, J.; Witt, S.; Lill, A.; Ehnold, L.; Neupert, N.; Liffner, B.; Lühken, R.; Petter, M.; Lorenzen, S.; Wilson, D.; Löw, C.; Lavazec, C.; Bruchhaus, I.; Tannich, E.; Gilberger, T.; Bachmann, A.
2019Identification of novel Acinetobacter baumannii host fatty acid stress adaptation strategiesJiang, J.; Hassan, K.; Begg, S.; Rupasinghe, T.; Naidu, V.; Pederick, V.G.; Khorvash, M.; Whittall, J.J.; Paton, J.C.; Paulsen, I.; McDevitt, C.; Peleg, A.; Eijkelkamp, B.A.
2019Biogeochemical gold cycling selects metal-resistant bacteria that promote gold particle transformationSanyal, S.; Jeremiah, S.; Frank, R.
2019The mycorrhizal pathway of zinc uptake contributes to zinc accumulation in barley and wheat grainCoccina, A.; Cavagnaro, T.; Pellegrino, E.; Ercoli, L.; McLaughlin, M.; Watts-Williams, S.
2019Capacity to utilize raffinose dictates pneumococcal disease phenotypeMinhas, V.; Harvey, R.; McAllister, L.; Seemann, T.; Syme, A.; Paton, J.; Trappetti, C.; Baines, S.
2019Zinc-binding to the cytoplasmic PAS domain regulates the essential WalK histidine kinase of Staphylococcus aureusMonk, I.; Shaikh, N.; Begg, S.; Gajdiss, M.; Sharkey, L.; Lee, J.; Pidot, S.; Seemann, T.; Kuiper, M.; Winnen, B.; Hvorup, R.; Collins, B.; Bierbaum, G.; Udagedara, S.; Morey, J.; Pulyani, N.; Howden, B.; Maher, M.; McDevitt, C.; King, G.; et al.
2019Dietary zinc and the control of Streptococcus pneumoniae infectionEijkelkamp, B.A.; Morey, J.R.; Neville, S.L.; Tan, A.; Pederick, V.G.; Cole, N.; Singh, P.P.; Ong, C.-.L.Y.; Gonzalez de Vega, R.; Clases, D.; Cunningham, B.A.; Hughes, C.E.; Comerford, I.; Brazel, E.B.; Whittall, J.J.; Plumptre, C.D.; McColl, S.R.; Paton, J.C.; McEwan, A.G.; Doble, P.A.; et al.
2018Disposable microfluidic micromixers for effective capture of Cryptosporidium parvum oocysts from water samplesDiéguez, L.; Winter, M.; Molan, S.; Monis, P.; King, B.; Thierry, B.
2018Field based pilot-scale drinking water distribution system: Simulation of long hydraulic retention times and microbiological mediated monochloramine decayKulkarni, V.; Awad, J.; Medlock, A.; Monis, P.; Lau, M.; Drigo, B.; van Leeuwen, J.
2018Cryptosporidium species and subtypes in animals inhabiting drinking water catchments in three states across AustraliaZahedi, A.; Monis, P.; Gofton, A.; Oskam, C.; Ball, A.; Bath, A.; Bartkow, M.; Robertson, I.; Ryan, U.
2018Colocalization of intracellular specific IgA (icIgA) with influenza virus in patients' nasopharyngeal aspirate cellsKok, T.; Costabile, M.; Tannock, G.; Li, P.
2018Chemical synergy between ionophore PBT2 and zinc reverses antibiotic resistanceBohlmann, L.; De Oliveira, D.; El-Deeb, I.; Brazel, E.; Harbison-Price, N.; Ong, C.; Rivera-Hernandez, T.; Ferguson, S.; Cork, A.; Phan, M.; Soderholm, A.; Davies, M.; Nimmo, G.; Dougan, G.; Schembri, M.; Cook, G.; McEwan, A.; von Itzstein, M.; McDevitt, C.; Walker, M.
2018A large retrospective cohort study of cefazolin compared with flucloxacillin for methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemiaDavis, J.; Turnidge, J.; Tong, S.