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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Estimation of trends in rainfall extremes with mixed effects modelsKamruzzaman, M.; Beecham, S.; Metcalfe, A.V.
2016Hydrodynamic responses of a thin floating disk to regular wavesYiew, L.J.; Bennetts, L.G.; Meylan, M.H.; French, B.J.; Thomas, G.A.
2016Attenuation and directional spreading of ocean wave spectra in the marginal ice zoneMontiel, F.; Squire, V.A.; Bennetts, L.G.
2016Fisher Information for a partially-observable simple birth processBean, N.G.; Eshragh, A.; Ross, J.V.
2016Choice of antiviral allocation scheme for pandemic influenza depends on strain transmissibility, delivery delay and stockpile sizeLydeamore, M.; Bean, N.; Black, A.J.; Ross, J.V.
2016Tracking climate change through the spatiotemporal dynamics of the Teletherms, the statistically hottest and coldest days of the yearDodds, P.S.; Mitchell, L.; Reagan, A.J.; Danforth, C.M.
2016Integrative analysis of the physical transport network into AustraliaCope, R.C.; Ross, J.V.; Wittmann, T.A.; Prowse, T.A.A.; Cassey, P.
2016Cauchy problems for Lorentzian manifolds with special holonomyBaum, H.; Leistner, T.; Lischewski, A.
2015A topological fibrewise fundamental groupoidRoberts, D.M.
2015Reducible conformal holonomy in any metric signature and application to twistor spinors in low dimensionLischewski, A.
2015Geometric quantization and families of inner productsHochs, P.; Mathai, V.
2015Quantisation of presymplectic manifolds, K-theory and group representationsHochs, P.
2015Formal geometric quantisation for proper actionsHochs, P.; Varghese, M.
2015Indirect detection of genetic dispersal (movement and breeding events) through pedigree analysis of dugong populations in southern Queensland, AustraliaCope, R.C.; Pollett, P.K.; Lanyon, J.M.; Seddon, J.M.
2015Numerical integration of ordinary differential equations with rapidly oscillatory factorsBunder, J.E.; Roberts, A.J.
2015Modeling interactions between C60 antiviral compounds and HIV proteaseAl Garalleh, H.; Thamwattana, N.; Cox, B.J.; Hill, J.M.
2015Human language reveals a universal positivity biasDodds, P.S.; Clark, E.M.; Desu, S.; Frank, M.R.; Reagan, A.J.; Williams, J.R.; Mitchell, L.; Harris, K.D.; Kloumann, I.M.; Bagrow, J.P.; Megerdoomian, K.; McMahon, M.T.; Tivnan, B.F.; Danforth, C.M.
2015Sticky surface: sphere - sphere adhesion dynamicsSircar, S.; Younger, J.G.; Bortz, D.M.
2015Climate change sentiment on Twitter: an unsolicited public opinion pollCody, E.M.; Reagan, A.J.; Mitchell, L.; Dodds, P.S.; Danforth, C.M.
2015An idealized wave-ice interaction model without subgrid spatial or temporal discretizationsBennetts, L.G.; O'Farrell, S.; Uotila, P.; Squire, V.A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1235