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2019A new correlation between soot sheet width and soot volume fraction in turbulent non-premixed jet flamesMahmoud, S.; Lau, T.; Nathan, G.; Medwell, P.; Alwahabi, Z.; Dally, B.
2019Enhancing the cavitation erosion resistance of D8m-Ta5Si3 nanocrystalline coatings through Al alloyingXu, J.; Liu, W.; Jiang, S.; Munroe, P.; Xie, Z.
2019Experimental investigation of the flow characteristics within a vortex tube with different configurationsXue, Y.; Binns, J.; Arjomandi, M.; Yan, H.
2019Experimental investigation of soot evolution in a turbulent non-premixed prevaporized toluene flameKruse, S.; Ye, J.; Sun, Z.; Attili, A.; Dally, B.; Medwell, P.; Pitsch, H.
2019The application of modal analysis to the design of multi-mode point absorber wave energy convertersDing, B.; Sergiienko, N.; Meng, F.; Cazzolato, B.; Hardy, P.; Arjomandi, M.
2019Temperature and reaction zone imaging in turbulent swirling dual-fuel flamesEvans, M.; Sidey, J.; Ye, J.; Medwell, P.; Dally, B.; Mastorakos, E.
2019Generalisation of the eddy-dissipation concept for jet flames with low turbulence and low Damköhler numberEvans, M.; Petre, C.; Medwell, P.; Parente, A.
2019Thermal performance analysis of a syngas-fuelled hybrid solar receiver combustor operated in the MILD combustion regimeChinnici, A.; Tian, Z.; Lim, J.; Nathan, G.; Dally, B.
2019Morphological changes of sintered polydopamine coatingsGibson, C.T.; Ridings, C.R.; Blok, A.J.; Shearer, C.J.; Andersson, G.G.; Ellis, A.V.
2018Structure and properties of hydrophobic CeO₂−x coatings synthesized by reactive magnetron sputtering for biomedical applicationsKabir, M.; Munroe, P.; Gonçales, V.; Zhou, Z.; Xie, Z.
2018Hierarchical nanostructure of CrCoNi film underlying its remarkable mechanical strengthChen, Y.; Zhou, Z.; Munroe, P.; Xie, Z.
2018Experimental investigation of the effects of wind speed and yaw angle on heat losses from a heated cavityLee, K.; Chinnici, A.; Jafarian, M.; Arjomandi, M.; Dally, B.; Nathan, G.
2018A review of the potential impacts of wind farm noise on sleepMicic, G.; Zajamsek, B.; Lack, L.; Hansen, K.; Doolan, C.; Hansen, C.; Vakulin, A.; Lovato, N.; Bruck, D.; Chai-Coetzer, C.; Mercer, J.; Catcheside, P.
2018Performance improvement of coal-fired power generation system integrating solar to preheat feedwater and reheated steamWu, J.; Hou, H.; Hu, E.; Yang, Y.
2018Structural differences of ethanol and DME jet flames in a hot diluted coflowYe, J.; Medwell, P.; Kleinheinz, K.; Evans, M.; Dally, B.; Pitsch, H.
2018Global reaction mechanisms for MILD oxy-combustion of methaneHu, F.; Li, P.; Guo, J.; Liu, Z.; Wang, L.; Mi, J.; Dally, B.; Zheng, C.
2018Effect of polymerized ionic liquid based gel inhibitor on electrochemical performance of self-assembled nanophase coatingTaghavikish, M.; Subianto, S.; Roy Choudhury, N.; Dutta, N.
2018Combined solar energy and combustion of hydrogen-based fuels under MILD conditionsChinnici, A.; Nathan, G.; Dally, B.
2018Potential of molten lead oxide for liquid chemical looping gasification (LCLG): a thermochemical analysisSarafraz, M.; Jafarian, M.; Arjomandi, M.; Nathan, G.
2018Quantitative evaluation of facet deflection, stiffness, strain and failure load during simulated cervical spine traumaQuarrington, R.; Costi, J.; Freeman, B.; Jones, C.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1685