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Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1944
PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A mathematical model to assess the influence of transients on a refractory-lined solar receiverRafique, M.M.; Nathan, G.; Saw, W.
2021A review on the statics and dynamics of electrically actuated nano and micro structuresKhaniki, H.B.; Ghayesh, M.H.; Amabili, M.
2021Mechanism of control of the near-wall turbulence using a micro-cavity arrayBhat, S.S.; Silvestri, A.; Cazzolato, B.S.; Arjomandi, M.
2021Numerical and experimental investigation of turbulent n-heptane jet-in-hot-coflow flamesLi, Z.; Evans, M.J.; Ye, J.; Medwell, P.R.; Parente, A.
2021Highly radiating hydrogen flames: Effect of toluene concentration and phaseEvans, M.J.; Proud, D.B.; Medwell, P.R.; Pitsch, H.; Dally, B.B.
2021Effect of randomly distributed voids on effective linear and nonlinear elastic properties of isotropic materialsVidler, J.; Kotousov, A.; Ng, C.T.
2021Damage detection with the fundamental mode of edge wavesHughes, J.M.; Mohabuth, M.; Khanna, A.; Vidler, J.; Kotousov, A.; Ng, C.T.
2021Self-toughened high entropy alloy with a body-centred cubic structureTsianikas, S.; Chen, Y.; Jeong, J.; Zhang, S.; Xie, Z.
2021Zirconia responses to edge chipping damage induced in conventional and ultrasonic vibration-assisted diamond machiningJuri, A.Z.; Zhang, Y.; Kotousov, A.; Yin, L.
2021Renormalisation of particle distributions in an initially-biased turbulent jet by swirl and radial injectionBirzer, C.H.; Kalt, P.A.M.; Lau, T.C.W.; Nathan, G.J.
2021Dynamics of semi- and neutrally-buoyant particles in thermally stratified turbulent channel flowZhang, X.; Zonta, F.; Tian, Z.F.; Nathan, G.J.; Chin, R.C.; Soldati, A.
2021Size-dependent deformation behavior of dual-phase, nanostructured CrCoNi medium-entropy alloyChen, Y.; An, X.; Zhou, Z.; Munroe, P.; Zhang, S.; Liao, X.; Xie, Z.
2021Soot-flowfield interactions in turbulent non-premixed bluff-body flames of ethylene/nitrogenRowhani, A.; Sun, Z.; Medwell, P.R.; Nathan, G.J.; Dally, B.B.
2021Modified value-function-approximation for synchronous policy iteration with single-critic configuration for nonlinear optimal controlTang, D.; Chen, L.; Tian, Z.; Hu, E.
2021A comparative study on the microstructures and mechanical properties of the Mg-xCa/Mn/Ce alloys and pure MgZhao, D.; Li, G.; Li, P.; Zhou, J.; Cheng, K.; Liu, Y.; Yang, Y.; Duan, J.; Ghomashchi, R.; Wang, X.
2021Experimental investigation of the flame structure of dilute sprays issuing into a hot and low-oxygen coflowProud, D.B.; Evans, M.J.; Medwell, P.R.; Chan, Q.N.
2021Generating planar distributions of soot particles from luminosity images in turbulent flames using deep learningZhang, W.; Dong, X.; Liu, C.; Nathan, G.J.; Dally, B.B.; Rowhani, A.; Sun, Z.
2021Modelling the influence of fines content on the instability of silty sands considering grain scale interactionsLe, L.A.; Nguyen, G.D.; Bui, H.H.; Andrade, J.E.
2021The effect of fuel composition and Reynolds number on soot formation processes in turbulent non-premixed toluene jet flamesKruse, S.; Medwell, P.; Davidovic, M.; Sun, Z.; Ye, J.; Pitsch, H.; Dally, B.
2021Constitutive modelling of partially saturated soils: hydro-mechanical coupling in a generic thermodynamics-based formulationPhan, G.D.; Nguyen, G.D.; Bui, H.H.; Bennett, T.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1944