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2015The microfibril-associated glycoproteins (MAGPs) and the microfibrillar nicheMecham, R.; Gibson, M.
2015Heavier smoking may lead to a relative increase in waist circumference: Evidence for a causal relationship from a Mendelian randomisation meta-analysis. The CARTA consortiumMorris, R.; Taylor, A.; Fluharty, M.; Bjørngaard, J.; Åsvold, B.; Gabrielsen, M.; Campbell, A.; Marioni, R.; Kumari, M.; Korhonen, T.; Männistö, S.; Marques-Vidal, P.; Kaakinen, M.; Cavadino, A.; Postmus, I.; Husemoen, L.; Skaaby, T.; Ahluwalia, T.; Treur, J.; Willemsen, G.; et al.
2015Variation in the SLC23A1 gene does not influence cardiometabolic outcomes to the extent expected given its association with L-ascorbic acidWade, K.; Forouhi, N.; Cook, D.; Johnson, P.; McConnachie, A.; Morris, R.; Rodriguez, S.; Ye, Z.; Ebrahim, S.; Padmanabhan, S.; Watt, G.; Bruckdorfer, K.; Wareham, N.; Whincup, P.; Chanock, S.; Sattar, N.; Lawlor, D.; Smith, G.; Timpson, N.
2015ADVAN-style analytical solutions for common pharmacokinetic modelsAbuhelwa, A.; Foster, D.; Upton, R.
2015Chronic administration of a microencapsulated probiotic enhances the bioavailability of orange juice flavanones in humansPereira-Caro, G.; Oliver, C.; Weerakkody, R.; Singh, T.; Conlon, M.; Borges, G.; Sanguansri, L.; Lockett, T.; Roberts, S.; Crozier, A.; Augustin, M.
2015Different treatment regimens of magnesium sulphate for tocolysis in women in preterm labourMcNamara, H.; Crowther, C.; Brown, J.
2015Uterine contractility in the nonpregnant mouse: changes during the estrous cycle and effects of chloride channel blockadeDodds, K.; Staikopoulos, V.; Beckett, E.
2015Evidence of nitrosative stress within hearts of patients dying of Tako-tsubo cardiomyopathySurikow, S.; Raman, B.; Licari, J.; Singh, K.; Nguyen, T.; Horowitz, J.
2015Elongation factor 2 kinase is regulated by proline hydroxylation and protects cells during hypoxiaMoore, C.; Mikolajek, H.; Da Mota, S.; Wang, X.; Kenney, J.; Werner, J.; Proud, C.
2015"If you can have one glass of wine now and then, why are you denying that to a woman with no evidence": Knowledge and practices of health professionals concerning alcohol consumption during pregnancyCrawford-Williams, F.; Steen, M.; Esterman, A.; Fielder, A.; Mikocka-Walus, A.