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2016The measurement of maladaptive cognitions underlying problematic video-game playing among adultsForrest, C.J.; King, D.L.; Delfabbro, P.H.
2016Early exposure to digital simulated gambling: a review and conceptual modelKing, D.L.; Delfabbro, P.H.
2016The effect of antenatal dietary and lifestyle advice for women who are overweight or obese on emotional well-being: the LIMIT randomized trialDodd, J.M.; Newman, A.; Moran, L.J.; Deussen, A.R.; Grivell, R.M.; Yelland, L.N.; Crowther, C.A.; Mcphee, A.J.; Wittert, G.; Owens, J.A.; Turnbull, D.; Robinson, J.S.
2016Age 7 intelligence and paternal education appear best predictors of educational attainment: the Port Pirie Cohort StudyKeage, H.A.; Muniz, G.; Kurylowicz, L.; Van Hooff, M.; Clark, L.; Searle, A.K.; Sawyer, M.G.; Baghurst, P.; Mcfarlane, A.
2016Hypnotherapy for disability-related pain: a meta-analysisBowker, E.; Dorstyn, D.S.
2016“It will be hard because I will have to learn lots of English”: experiences of education for children with migrant backgrounds in Australiade Heer, N.; Due, C.; Riggs, D.W.; Augoustinos, M.
2016Does trait self-control predict weaker desire for unhealthy stimuli? A lab-based study of unhealthy snack intakeHaynes, A.; Kemps, E.; Moffitt, R.
2016Just world beliefs and forgiveness: the mediating role of implicit theories of relationshipsStrelan, P.G.; Bartholomaeus, J.
2016Re-theorizing prejudice in social psychology: From cognition to discourseAugoustinos, M.
2016The helpfulness of category labels in semi-supervised learning depends on category structureVong, W.K.; Navarro, D.J.; Perfors, A.
2016Caregiver perceptions of mental health problems and treatment utilisation in siblings of children with mental health problemsMa, N.; Furber, G.; Roberts, R.; Winefield, H.
2016Young people with complex needs leaving out-of-home care: service issues and the need to enhance practice and policyMalvaso, C.G.; Delfabbro, P.H.
2016Learning and choosing in an uncertain world: an investigation of the explore-exploit dilemma in static and dynamic environmentsNavarro, D.J.; Newell, B.R.; Schulze, C.
2016A statistical test of the equality of latent ordersKalish, M.L.; Dunn, J.C.; Burdakov, O.P.; Sysoev, O.
2016Treatment approaches of palliative medicine specialists for depression in the palliative care setting: findings from a qualitative, in-depth interview studyNg, F.; Crawford, G.B.; Chur-Hansen, A.
2016Confidence - more a personality or ability trait? It depends on how it is measured: a comparison of young and older adultsBurns, K.M.; Burns, N.R.; Ward, L.
2016Experiences of fly-in, fly-out and drive-in, drive-out rural and remote psychologistsSutherland, C.R.; Chur-Hansen, A.; Winefield, H.
2016A systematic review of the factor structure and reliability of the Spence Children's Anxiety ScaleOrgilés, M.; Fernández-Martínez, I.; Guillén-Riquelme, A.; Espada, J.P.; Essau, C.A.
2016Public and private families: a comparative thematic analysis of the intersections of social norms and scrutinyRiggs, D.W.; Bartholomaeus, C.; Due, C.
2016Australian young adults' tanning behaviour: the role of ideal skin tone and sociocultural normsDay, A.K.; Wilson, C.J.; Hutchinson, A.D.; Roberts, R.M.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1630