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2017Modelling predictors of molecular response to frontline imatinib for patients with chronic myeloid leukaemiaBanjar, H.; Ranasinghe, D.; Brown, F.; Adelson, D.; Kroger, T.; Leclercq, T.; White, D.; Hughes, T.; Chaudhri, N.
2016Major improvements to the Heliconius melpomene genome assembly used to confirm 10 chromosome fusion events in 6 million years of butterfly evolutionDavey, J.W.; Chouteau, M.; Barker, S.L.; Maroja, L.; Baxter, S.W.; Simpson, F.; Merrill, R.M.; Joron, M.; Mallet, J.; Dasmahapatra, K.K.; Jiggins, C.D.
2016Evolutionary novelty in a butterfly wing pattern through enhancer shufflingWallbank, R.W.R.; Baxter, S.W.; Pardo-Diaz, C.; Hanly, J.J.; Martin, S.H.; Mallet, J.; Dasmahapatra, K.K.; Salazar, C.; Joron, M.; Nadeau, N.; McMillan, W.O.; Jiggins, C.D.
2016Genetic consequences of forest fragmentation by agricultural land in an arboreal marsupialLancaster, M.L.; Cooper, S.J.B.; Carthew, S.M.
2016Evidence for and against a pathogenic role of reduced γ-secretase activity in familial Alzheimer's diseaseJayne, T.; Newman, M.; Verdile, G.; Sutherland, G.; Münch, G.; Musgrave, I.; Moussavi Nik, S.H.; Lardelli, M.
2016Derivation of an endogenous small RNA from double-stranded Sox4 sense and natural antisense transcripts in the mouse brainLing, K.H.; Brautigan, P.J.; Moore, S.; Fraser, R.; Cheah, P.S.; Raison, J.M.; Babic, M.; Lee, Y.K.; Daish, T.; Mattiske, D.M.; Mann, J.R.; Adelson, D.L.; Thomas, P.Q.; Hahn, C.N.; Scott, H.S.
2016Microbial diversity and parasitic load in tropical fish of different environmental conditionsHennersdorf, P.; Kleinertz, S.; Theisen, S.; Abdul-Aziz, M.A.; Mrotzek, G.; Palm, H.W.; Saluz, H.P.
2016Epiphyllous fungi and leaf physiognomy suggest an ever-wet humid mesothermal (subtropical) climate in the late Eocene of southern New ZealandConran, J.G.; Bannister, J.M.; Reichgelt, T.; Lee, D.E.
2016Synergistic influence of collagen I and BMP 2 drives osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells: a cell microarray analysisRasi Ghaemi, S.; Delalat, B.; Cetó, X.; Harding, F.J.; Tuke, J.; Voelcker, N.H.
2016Detecting selection on temporal and spatial scales: a genomic time-series assessment of selective responses to devil facial tumor diseaseBröniche-Olsen, A.; Austin, J.J.; Jones, M.E.; Holland, B.R.; Burridge, C.P.
2016The genetic history of Ice Age EuropeFu, Q.; Posth, C.; Hajdinjak, M.; Petr, M.; Mallick, S.; Fernandes, D.; Furtwängler, A.; Haak, W.; Meyer, M.; Mittnik, A.; Nickel, B.; Peltzer, A.; Rohland, N.; Slon, V.; Talamo, S.; Lazaridis, I.; Lipson, M.; Mathieson, I.; Schiffels, S.; Skoglund, P.; et al.
2016A new species of Rattus (Rodentia: Muridae) from Manus Island, Papua New GuineaTimm, R.M.; Weijola, V.; Aplin, K.A.; Donnellan, S.C.; Flannery, T.F.; Thomson, V.; Pine, R.H.
2016Anatomy, morphology and evolution of the patella in squamate lizards and tuatara (Sphenodon punctatus)Regnault, S.; Jones, M.E.H.; Pitsillides, A.A.; Hutchinson, J.R.
2016Revision of the water-holding frogs, Cyclorana platycephala (Anura: Hylidae), from arid Australia, including a description of a new speciesAnstis, M.; Price, L.C.; Roberts, J.D.; Catalano, S.R.; Hines, H.B.; Doughty, P.; Donnellan, S.C.
2016The impact of anchored phylogenomics and taxon sampling on phylogenetic inference in narrow-mouthed frogs (Anura, Microhylidae)Peloso, P.L.V.; Frost, D.R.; Richards, S.J.; Rodrigues, M.T.; Donnellan, S.; Matsui, M.; Raxworthy, C.J.; Biju, S.D.; Lemmon, E.M.; Lemmon, A.R.; Wheeler, W.C.
2016The role of JNK signalling in responses to oxidative DNA damageShaukat, Z.; Liu, D.; Hussain, R.; Khan, M.; Gregory, S.L.
2016An African mygalomorph lineage in temperate Australia: the trapdoor spider genus Moggridgea (Araneae: Migidae) on Kangaroo Island, South AustraliaHarrison, S.E.; Rix, M.G.; Harvey, M.S.; Austin, A.D.
2016Whole genome comparison reveals high levels of inbreeding and strain redundancy across the spectrum of commercial wine strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiaeBorneman, A.R.; Forgan, A.H.; Kolouchova, R.; Fraser, J.A.; Schmidt, S.A.
2016Autophagy regulates the survival of cells with chromosomal instabilityLiu, D.; Shaukat, Z.; Xu, T.; Denton, D.; Saint, R.; Gregory, S.L.
2016A generic method of engagement to elicit regional coastal management optionsDichmont, C.M.; Dutra, L.X.C.; Owens, R.; Jebreen, E.; Thompson, C.; Deng, R.A.; van Putten, E.I.; Pascual, R.; Dambacher, J.M.; Warne, M.S.J.; Quinn, R.H.; Thébaud, O.; Bennett, J.; Read, M.; Wachenfeld, D.; Davies, J.; Garland, A.; Dunning, M.; Collier, C.; Waycott, M.; et al.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 269