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2017Late Permian basalts in the Yanghe area, eastern Sichuan Province, SW China: implications for the geodynamics of the Emeishan flood basalt province and Permian global mass extinctionLi, H.; Zhang, Z.; Santosh, M.; Lü, L.; Han, L.; Liu, W.
2016Detrital zircon geochronology of Devonian quartzite from tectonic mélange in the Mianlue Suture Zone, Central China: provenance and tectonic implicationsJi, X.; Yang, L.; Santosh, M.; Li, N.; Zhang, C.; Zhang, Z.; Han, R.; Li, Z.; Wu, C.
2015Early Cretaceous arc volcanic suite in Cebu Island, Central Philippines and its implications on paleo-Pacific plate subduction: constraints from geochemistry, zircon U-Pb geochronology and Lu-Hf isotopesDeng, J.; Yang, X.; Zhang, Z.; Santosh, M.
2015Detrital zircon U-Pb ages, Hf isotope, and geochemistry of Devonian chert from the Mianlue suture: implications for tectonic evolution of the Qinling orogenYang, L.; Ji, X.; Santosh, M.; Li, N.; Zhang, Z.; Yu, J.
2018Carboniferous porphyry Cu-Au deposits in the Almalyk orefield, Uzbekistan: the Sarycheku and Kalmakyr examplesCheng, Z.; Zhang, Z.; Chai, F.; Hou, T.; Santosh, M.; Turesebekov, A.; Nurtaev, B.
2017Late Carboniferous to Early Permian partial melting of the metasedimentary rocks and crustal reworking in the Central Asian Orogenic Belt: evidence from garnet-bearing rhyolites in the Chinese South TianshanCheng, Z.; Zhang, Z.; Santosh, M.; Zhao, Z.; Chen, L.
2017Decoupling of Mg-C and Sr-Nd-O isotopes traces the role of recycled carbon in magnesiocarbonatites from the Tarim Large Igneous ProvinceCheng, Z.; Zhang, Z.; Hou, T.; Santosh, M.; Chen, L.; Ke, S.; Xu, L.
2018Carboniferous continental arc in the Hegenshan accretionary belt: Constrains from plutonic complex in central Inner MongoliaWei, R.; Gao, Y.; Xu, S.; Santosh, M.; Xin, H.; Zhang, Z.; Li, W.; Liu, Y.
2015Zircon U-Pb geochronology of the basement rocks and dioritic intrusion associated with the Fushan skarn iron deposit, southern Taihang Mountains, ChinaShen, J.; Li, S.; Santosh, M.; Dong, G.; Wang, Y.; Liu, H.; Peng, Z.; Zhang, Z.
2017Geochemistry and oxygen isotope composition of magnetite from the Zhangmatun deposit, North China Craton: implications for the magmatic-hydrothermal evolution of Cornwall-type iron mineralizationXie, Q.; Zhang, Z.; Hou, T.; Jin, Z.; Santosh, M.