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1957Tertiary nautiloids (Eutrephoceras and Cimomia) from South AustraliaMcGowran, B.
1957Tertiary nautiloids (Eutrephoceras and Cimomia) from South AustraliaMcGowran, B. G.
1959Tertiary sands of the Adelaide regionDalgarno, R.
1981Tertiary stratigraphy and foraminifera of the Adelaide City area,St. Vincent Basin, South AustraliaLindsay, John Murray
1997Tertiary uplift and its implications for the tectonic evolution of sedimentary basins, offshore south-west United Kingdom / Robert John Menpes.Menpes, Robert
1976Tervalent nickel and copper in aqueous solutionWhitburn, Keith Douglas
2008A test of competing models to predict suicidality in patients and students in Taiwan.Ku, Yung-Li
2012A test of the Hutchinson theory of interspecific competitionBosworth, Richard John William
1981The testability of microprocessor systems: an assessment of signature analysis as a method of field-serviceLiebelt, Michael John
2005Testing digital receiver performance through an HF environment simulatorPennington, Wayne Phillip
2014Testing the DNA loop domain model in Escherichia coliPriest, David Geoffrey
2014Testing the provenance of Santonian-Maastrichtian lobe of the Ceduna DeltaLloyd, J. C.
2014Testing the TT-OSL single-aliquot protocol for quartz sediment dating.Moffatt., Jillian Elizabeth
2008Testis size, sperm pleiomorphism and extra-testicular sperm maturation in the Spinifex Hopping Mouse (Notomys alexis)Bauer, Melissa Kirsty
2000Tests of informational efficiency of China's stock market / by Shiguang Ma.Ma, Shiguang
2018Text detection and recognition in natural scene imagesLi, Hui
2009The textiles of the Han Dynasty & their relationship with society.Langford, Heather
1992Textual (Re)construction : sexual difference, desire and sexuality in contemporary female experimental writingSteffensen, Jyanni
2014Textural and LA-ICP-MS trace element chemistry analysis of pyrite and chalcopyrite from Telfer Au-Cu deposit, W.A.: implications for a multi-source ore systemOgilvie, A. L.
2012Textural and LA-ICP-MS trace element chemistry analysis of pyrite from Telfer Au-Cu deposit, W.A.: Implications for a multi-stage and/or multi-source ore systemFargher, M.R.K.