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dc.contributor.authorAbbasi, R.-
dc.contributor.authorAbu-Zayyad, T.-
dc.contributor.authorAmman, J.-
dc.contributor.authorArchbold, G.-
dc.contributor.authorAtkins, R.-
dc.contributor.authorBellido Caceres, J.-
dc.contributor.authorBelov, K.-
dc.contributor.authorBelz, J.-
dc.contributor.authorBenZvi, S.-
dc.contributor.authorBergman, D.-
dc.contributor.authorBoyer, J.-
dc.contributor.authorBurt, G.-
dc.contributor.authorCao, Z.-
dc.contributor.authorClay, R.-
dc.contributor.authorConnolly, B.-
dc.contributor.authorDawson, B.-
dc.contributor.authorDeng, W.-
dc.contributor.authorFarrar, G.-
dc.contributor.authorFedorova, Y.-
dc.contributor.authorFindlay, J.-
dc.contributor.authoret al.-
dc.identifier.citationThe Astrophysical Journal: an international review of astronomy and astronomical physics, 2005; 623(1):164-170-
dc.description© 2005. The American Astronomical Society-
dc.description.abstractWe present the results of a search for cosmic-ray point sources at energies in excess of 4.0 × 1019 eV in the combined data sets recorded by the Akeno Giant Air Shower Array and High Resolution Fly's Eye stereo experiments. The analysis is based on a maximum likelihood ratio test using the probability density function for each event rather than requiring an a priori choice of a fixed angular bin size. No statistically significant clustering of events consistent with a point source is found.-
dc.description.statementofresponsibilityR. U. Abbasi, T. Abu-Zayyad, J. F. Amann, G. Archbold, R. Atkins, J. A. Bellido, K. Belov, J. W. Belz, S. Y. Ben-Zvi, D. R. Bergman, J. H. Boyer, G. W. Burt, Z. Cao, R. W. Clay, B. M. Connolly, B. R. Dawson, W. Deng, G. R. Farrar, Y. Fedorova, J. Findlay, C. B. Finley, W. F. Hanlon, C. M. Hoffman, M. H. Holzscheiter, G. A. Hughes, P. Hüntemeyer, C. C. H. Jui, K. Kim, M. A. Kirn, B. C. Knapp, E. C. Loh, M. M. Maestas, N. Manago, E. J. Mannel, L. J. Marek, K. Martens, J. A. J. Matthews, J. N. Matthews, A. O'Neill, C. A. Painter, L. Perera, K. Reil, R. Riehle, M. D. Roberts, M. Sasaki, S. R. Schnetzer, M. Seman, K. M. Simpson, G. Sinnis, J. D. Smith, R. Snow, P. Sokolsky, C. Song, R. W. Springer, B. T. Stokes, J. R. Thomas, S. B. Thomas, G. B. Thomson, D. Tupa, S. Westerhoff, L. R. Wiencke, and A. Zech-
dc.publisherUniv Chicago Press-
dc.titleSearch for point sources of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays above 4.0 x 1019 eV using a maximum likelihood ratio test-
dc.typeJournal article-
dc.identifier.orcidBellido Caceres, J. [0000-0002-0833-9194]-
dc.identifier.orcidClay, R. [0000-0002-9040-9648]-
dc.identifier.orcidDawson, B. [0000-0002-4271-3055]-
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