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Type: Book
Title: Exploring Confrontation: Sri Lanka: Politics, Culture and History
Author: Roberts, M.
Publisher: Harwood
Issue Date: 1995
ISBN: 3718655063
Contents: 1. A Pictorial Prelude: The Religious Circumstances of Political Action -- 2. Authors and their Situations -- 3. The Asokan Persona as a Cultural Disposition -- 4. "Caste Feudalism"? A Critique through the Asokan Persona and European Contrasts -- 5. The Asokan Persona and its Reproduction in Modern Times -- 6. Four Twentieth Century Texts and the Asokan Persona -- 7. The Imperialism of Silence under the British Raj: Arresting the Drum -- 8. Mentalities: Ideologues, Assailants, Historians and the Pogrom against the Moors in 1915 -- 9. ’I Shall have you Slippered’: The General and the Particular in an Historical Conjuncture -- 10. Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka and Sinhala Perspectives: Barriers to Accommodation -- 11. Ethnicity in Riposte at a Cricket Match: The Past for the Present -- 12. The 1956 Generations: After and Before -- 13. The Agony and the Ecstasy of a Pogrom: Southern Lanka, July 1983 -- 14. A Biographical Epilogue.
RMID: 0030001898
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