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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Analysis of the effect of dual purpose safety cameras at signalised intersections in AdelaideMackenzie, J.; Kloeden, C.; Hutchinson, T.; Australasian Road Safety Research, Policy & Education Conference (2013 : Brisbane, Australia)
2012Use of a damped Hertz contact model to represent head impact safety testsSearson, D.; Anderson, R.; Hutchinson, T.; Australasian Congress on Applied Mechanics (7th : 2012 : Adelaide, S.A.)
2012Integrating the assessment of pedestrian safety in vehicles with collision detection and mitigation systemsAnderson, R.; Searson, D.; Hutchinson, T.; International Research Council on the Biomechanics of Injury Conference (2012 : Dublin, Ireland)
2011Protection of the unhelmeted head against blunt impact: The pedestrian and the car bonnetHutchinson, T.; Searson, D.; Anderson, R.; Dutschke, J.; Ponte, G.; van den Berg, A.; Australasian Road Safety Research, Policing and Education Conference (2011 : Perth, Australia)
2009Interpretation of data showing something has one effect sometimes and a different effect in other circumstances: Theories of interaction of factorsHutchinson, T.
2008Evaluation of the Adelaide Hills speed limit change from 100 km/h to 80 km/hLong, A.; Hutchinson, T.; Anderson, R.; Australasian Road Safety Research, Policing and Education Conference (2008 : Adelaide, Australia)
2011Smaller cars: not to be fearedHutchinson, T.; Anderson, R.; Australasian Transport Research Forum (34th : 2011 : Adelaide)
2004Control groups, randomisation, double-blinding, meta-analysis: can road safety research learn from evidence-based medicine and social welfare?Hutchinson, T.; Doek, J.; Road Safety Research, Policing and Education (14-16 November 2004 : Perth, Australia)
2004Evidence-based road safety policy? Evidence-based transport policy? A discussion of randomised experimentation and meta-analysis in the evaluation of interventionsHutchinson, T.; Meier, A.; Taylor, M.; Tisato, P.; Australasian Transport Research Forum (2004 : Adelaide, Australia)
2006Results and implications of a survey of child restraint use in South AustraliaAnderson, R.; Edwards, S.; Hutchinson, T.; Peter Sugg; Road Safety Research, Policing and Education Conference (2006 : Surfers Paradise, Queensland)