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Type: Conference paper
Title: Status of CANGAROO-III
Author: Asahara, A.
Bicknell, G.
Clay, R.
Doi, Y.
Edwards, P.
Enomoto, R.
Gunji, S.
Hara, S.
Hara, T.
Hattori, T.
Hayashi, S.
Itoh, C.
Kabuki, S.
Kajino, F.
Katagiri, H.
Kawachi, A.
Kifune, T.
Ksenofontov, L.
Kubo, H.
Kurihara, T.
Kurosaka, R.
Kushida, J.
Matsubara, Y.
Miyashita, Y.
Mizumoto, Y.
Mori, M.
Moro, H.
Muraishi, H.
Muraki, Y.
Naito, A.
Nakase, T.
Nishida, D.
Nishijima, K.
Ohishi, M.
Okumura, K.
Patterson, J.
Protheroe, R.
Sakamoto, N.
Sakurazawa, K.
Swaby, D.
Tanimori, T.
Tanimura, H.
Thornton, G.
Tokanai, F.
Tsuchiya, K.
Uchida, T.
Watanabe, S.
Yamaoka, T.
Yanagita, S.
Yoshida, T.
Yoshikoshi, T.
Citation: Frontiers of cosmic ray science: Vol. 8 of the Proceedings of the 28th International Cosmic Ray Conference held on July 31-August 7, 2003, at Tsukuba, Japan / edited by Takaaki Kajita ... [et al.].: pp.2807-2810
Publisher: Universal Academy Press
Issue Date: 2004
Series/Report no.: Frontiers science series ; no. 43
ISBN: 4946443878
Conference Name: International Cosmic Ray Conference (28th : 2003 : Tsukuba, Japan)
Abstract: The CANGAROO-III project started stereoscopic observations of sub-TeV gamma-rays from Dec., 2002, nearWoomera, South Australia. Here, we report on the present status of the project. Details of calibration and analysis procedures are given, and the initial performance of the stereo system is described
RMID: 0020073154
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