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2017Synthesis of multivalent [Lys⁸]-oxytocin dendrimers that inhibit visceral nociceptive responsesWan, J.; Mobli, M.; Brust, A.; Muttenthaler, M.; Andersson, Å.; Ragnarsson, L.; Castro, J.; Vetter, I.; Huang, J.; Nilsson, M.; Brierley, S.; Cooper, M.; Lewis, R.; Alewood, P.
2017X-ray crystallographic insights into post-synthetic metalation products in a metal-organic frameworkHuxley, M.; Coghlan, C.; Bloch, W.; Burgun, A.; Doonan, C.; Sumby, C.
2017Molecule-level g-C₃N₄ coordinated transition metals as a new class of electrocatalysts for oxygen electrode reactionsZheng, Y.; Jiao, Y.; Zhu, Y.; Cai, Q.; Vasileff, A.; Li, L.; Han, Y.; Chen, Y.; Qiao, S.
2017Self-templating synthesis of hollow Co₃O₄ microtube arrays for highly efficient water electrolysisZhu, Y.; Ma, T.; Jaroniec, M.; Qiao, S.
2017Acoustic-optical phonon up-conversion and hot-phonon bottleneck in lead-halide perovskitesYang, J.; Wen, X.; Xia, H.; Sheng, R.; Ma, Q.; Kim, J.; Tapping, P.; Harada, T.; Kee, T.; Huang, F.; Cheng, Y.; Green, M.; Ho-Baillie, A.; Huang, S.; Shrestha, S.; Patterson, R.; Conibeer, G.
2017Biomimetic total synthesis of rhodonoids C and D, and murrayakonine DDay, A.; Lamr, H.; Sumby, C.; George, J.
2017Sea ice and pollution-modulated changes in Greenland ice core methanesulfonate and bromineMaselli, O.; Chellman, N.; Grieman, M.; Layman, L.; McConnell, J.; Pasteris, D.; Rhodes, R.; Saltzman, E.; Sigl, M.
2017Cellular fates of manganese(II) pentaazamacrocyclic superoxide dismutase (SOD) mimetics: fluorescently labeled MnSOD mimetics, X-ray absorption spectroscopy, and X-ray fluorescence microscopy studiesWeekley, C.; Kenkel, I.; Lippert, R.; Wei, S.; Lieb, D.; Cranwell, T.; Wedding, J.; Zillmann, A.; Rohr, R.; Filipovic, M.; Ivanović-Burmazović, I.; Harris, H.
2017Probing the pharmacokinetics of cucurbit[7, 8 and 10]uril: and a dinuclear ruthenium antimicrobial complex encapsulated in cucurbit[10]urilLi, F.; Gorle, A.; Ranson, M.; Vine, K.; Kinobe, R.; Feterl, M.; Warner, J.; Keene, F.; Collins, J.; Day, A.
2016Copper(II) complexes of three isomeric bis(tacn) ligands: syntheses, structures and propertiesCoghlan, C.J.; Campi, E.M.; Batten, S.R.; Jackson, W.R.; Hearn, M.T.W.
2016Halogen-based reconstruction of Russian Arctic sea ice area from the Akademii Nauk ice core (Severnaya Zemlya)Spoloar, A.; Opel, T.; McConnell, J.; Maselli, O.; Spreen, G.; Varin, C.; Kirchgeorg, T.; Fritzsche, D.; Saiz-Lopez, A.; Vallelonga, P.
2016In vivo and in vitro hydroxylation of cineole and camphor by cytochromes P450CYP101A1, CYP101B1 and N242A CYP176A1Stok, J.E.; Hall, E.A.; Stone, I.S.J.; Noble, M.C.; Wong, S.H.; Bell, S.G.; De Voss, J.J.
2016A dual-phase ceramic membrane with extremely high H₂ permeation flux prepared by autoseparation of a ceramic precursorCheng, S.; Wang, Y.; Zhuang, L.; Xue, J.; Wei, Y.; Feldhoff, A.; Caro, J.; Wang, H.
2016Improving the monooxygenase activity and the regio- and stereoselectivity of terpenoid hydroxylation using ester directing groupsHall, E.A.; Sarkar, M.R.; Lee, J.H.Z.; Munday, S.D.; Bell, S.G.
2016The effect of hydrodynamic slip on membrane-based salinity-gradient-driven energy harvestingRankin, D.; Huang, D.
2016The effect of milk constituents and crowding agents on amyloid fibril formation by κ-caseinLiu, J.; Dehle, F.; Liu, Y.; Bahraminejad, E.; Ecroyd, H.; Thorn, D.; Carver, J.
2016Some chemical speculation on the biosynthesis of corallidictyals A-DMarkwell-Heys, A.; George, J.
2016Hetero-bimetallic metal-organic polyhedraTeo, J.; Coghlan, C.; Evans, J.; Tsivion, E.; Head-Gordon, M.; Sumby, C.; Doonan, C.
2016Site-specific metal and ligand substitutions in a microporous Mn²⁺-based metal–organic frameworkHuxley, M.; Coghlan, C.; Burgun, A.; Tarzia, A.; Sumida, K.; Sumby, C.; Doonan, C.
2016Carcinogenic chromium(VI) compounds formed by intracellular oxidation of chromium(III) dietary supplements by adipocytesWu, L.; Levina, A.; Harris, H.; Cai, Z.; Lai, B.; Vogt, S.; James, D.; Lay, P.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1604