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2022Rickettsiaceae in two reptile-associated tick species, Amblyomma exornatum and Africaniella transversale: First evidence of Occidentia massiliensis in hard ticks (Acari: Ixodidae)Hornok, S.; Kontschán, J.; Takács, N.; Chaber, A.-L.; Halajian, A.; Szekeres, S.; Sándor, A.D.; Plantard, O.
2022Personality, spatiotemporal ecological variation, and resident/explorer movement syndromes in the sleepy lizardMichelangeli, M.; Payne, E.; Spiegel, O.; Sinn, D.; Leu, S.T.; Gardner, M.; Sih, A.
2022Impact of a novel anticoccidial analogue on systemic staphylococcus aureus infection in a bioluminescent mouse modelNguyen, H.T.; Venter, H.; Woolford, L.; Young, K.; McCluskey, A.; Garg, S.; Page, S.W.; Trott, D.J.; Ogunniyi, A.D.
2022Antimicrobial susceptibility, plasmid replicon typing, phylogenetic grouping, and virulence potential of avian pathogenic and faecal Escherichia coli isolated from meat chickens in AustraliaAwawdeh, L.; Turni, C.; Mollinger, J.L.; Henning, J.; Cobbold, R.N.; Trott, D.J.; Gibson, J.S.; Wakeman, D.L.
2022The Neuroimmune Interface and Chronic Pain Through the Lens of Production AnimalsJohnston, C.H.; Whittaker, A.L.; Franklin, S.H.; Hutchinson, M.R.
2022Prevalence of cognitive impairment following chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysisWhittaker, A.; George, R.; O'Malley, L.
2021Ontogenetic scaling of the gastrointestinal tract of a marsupial foregut fermenter, the western grey kangaroo Macropus fuliginosus melanopsMunn, A.J.; Snelling, E.P.; Taggart, D.A.; Seymour, R.S.
2021Assessing the uniformity of Australian animal protection law: a statutory comparisonMorton, R.; Hebart, M.; Ankeny, R.; Whittaker, A.
2021Methods used and application of the mouse grimace scale in biomedical research 10 years on: a scoping reviewWhittaker, A.; Liu, Y.; Barker, T.
2021A multi-locus approach to discern conservation units and adaptive potential of Pacific black ducks across Australia and surrounding islandsBrown, J.I.; Lavretsky, P.; Joseph, L.; Roshier, D.; Guay, P.-J.; Peters, J.L.
2021Semisynthesis and biological evaluation of a focused library of unguinol derivatives as next-generation antibioticsMorshed, M.T.; Nguyen, H.T.; Vuong, D.; Crombie, A.; Lacey, E.; Ogunniyi, A.D.; Page, S.W.; Trott, D.J.; Piggott, A.M.
2021Pain at the slaughterhouse in ruminants with a focus on the neurobiology of sensitisationMota‐Rojas, D.; Napolitano, F.; Strappini, A.; Orihuela, A.; Ghezzi, M.D.; Hernández-Ávalos, I.; Mora-Medina, P.; Whittaker, A.
2021Salmonella Hessarek: An emerging food borne pathogen and its role in egg safetyLin, Q.; Chousalkar, K.K.; McWhorter, A.R.; Khan, S.
2021Reporting in rodent models of 'chemobrain': a systematic review assessing compliance with the ARRIVE guidelinesGeorge, R.; Semendric, I.; Bowley-Schubert, E.; Chivonivoni, C.; Warrender, A.; Whittaker, A.
2021'Context' matters: factors considered by employers when selecting new graduate veterinariansSchull, D.; King, E.; Hamood, W.; Feakes, A.
2021Repurposing of the fasciolicide triclabendazole to treat infections caused by staphylococcus spp. and vancomycin-resistant enterococciPi, H.; Ogunniyi, A.D.; Savaliya, B.; Nguyen, H.T.; Page, S.W.; Lacey, E.; Venter, H.; Trott, D.J.
2021Sucrose digestion capacity in birds shows convergent coevolution with nectar composition across continentsMcWhorter, T.J.; Rader, J.A.; Schondube, J.E.; Nicolson, S.W.; Pinshow, B.; Fleming, P.A.; Gutiérrez-Guerrero, Y.T.; Martínez del Rio, C.
2021Periconception and first trimester diet modifies appetite, hypothalamic gene expression, and carcass traits in bullsCopping, K.J.; Callaghan, M.J.; Geesink, G.H.; Gugusheff, J.R.; McMillen, I.C.; Rodgers, R.J.; Muhlhausler, B.S.; Vithayathil, M.A.; Perry, V.E.A.
2021Impact of in vitro embryo culture and transfer on blood pressure regulation in the adolescent lambPadhee, M.; McMillen, C.; Zhang, S.; Armitage, J.A.; Head, G.A.; MacLaughlin, S.M.; Kleemann, D.O.; Walker, S.K.; Morrison, J.L.
2021Acidification and extended storage at room temperature of mayonnaise reduce Salmonella Typhimurium virulence and viabilityMcWhorter, A.R.; Khan, S.; Sexton, M.; Moyle, T.S.; Chousalkar, K.K.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1359