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Type: Thesis
Title: Portfolio of recorded performances and exegesis: the evolution of the bassoon and its impact upon solo repertoire and performance.
Author: Stone, Emily Clare
Issue Date: 2008
School/Discipline: Elder Conservatorium of Music
Abstract: The research investigated the conception of the early bassoon in the late 1600’s and its subsequent development through to the modern day. It explored the technical evolution of the bassoon and its impact upon solo compositions1 and performance. The recital repertoire was chosen to demonstrate the changing capabilities of the instrument associated with each evolutionary phase, and to show how an understanding of these changes helps to place accepted modern techniques into an historical context. The submission consists of two recital CDs which are supported by an exegesis. The exegesis outlines the ways in which the performer’s musical interpretation is enhanced through an understanding of the instrument’s developmental history. It is also a commentary of the musical and technical issues faced by the author whilst preparing and performing the repertoire.
Advisor: Lockett, David Robert
Gaydon, Mark
Dissertation Note: Thesis (M.Mus.) - University of Adelaide, Elder Conservatorium of Music, 2008
Subject: Bassoon
Bassoon -- History
Bassoon -- Performance
Woodwind instruments
Woodwind instruments -- History
Woodwind instruments -- Performance
Keywords: Bassoon: Fagott: Bassoon development: Bassoon history
Provenance: Master of Music
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