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2021Getting it straight: accommodating rectilinear behavior in captive snakes - a review of recommendations and their evidence baseWarwick, C.; Grant, R.; Steedman, C.; Howell, T.J.; Arena, P.C.; Lambiris, A.J.L.; Nash, A.-E.; Jessop, M.; Pilny, A.; Amarello, M.; Gorzula, S.; Spain, M.; Walton, A.; Nicholas, E.; Mancera, K.; Whitehead, M.; Martinez-Silvestre, A.; Cadenas, V.; Whittaker, A.; Wilson, A.
2021Animal minds, social change, and the future of fisheries scienceFreeling, B.S.; Connell, S.D.
2021A haploid diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella L.) genome assembly resolves 31 chromosomes and identifies a diamide resistance mutationWard, C.M.; Perry, K.D.; Baker, G.; Powis, K.; Heckel, D.G.; Baxter, S.W.
2021Revision of the Litoria watjulumensis (Anura: Pelodryadidae) group from the Australian monsoonal tropics, including the resurrection of L. spaldingiDonnellan, S.C.; Catalano, S.R.; Pederson, S.; Mitchell, K.J.; Suhendran, A.; Price, L.C.; Doughty, P.; Richards, S.J.
2021Recognition of reptile predator scent is innate in an endangered lizard speciesDaniell, T.L.; Hutchinson, M.N.; Ainsley, P.; Gardner, M.G.
2021Redescription of the skull of the Australian flatback sea turtle, Natator depressus, provides new morphological evidence for phylogenetic relationships among sea turtles (Chelonioidea)Chatterji, R.M.; Hutchinson, M.N.; Jones, M.E.H.
2021Consistent after all: behavioural repeatability in a long-lived lizard across a 6-year field studyPayne, E.; Sinn, D.L.; Spiegel, O.; Leu, S.T.; Gardner, M.G.; Godfrey, S.S.; Wohlfeil, C.; Sih, A.
2021Delineating the roles of Grhl2 in craniofacial development through tissue-specific conditional deletion and epistasis approaches in mousede Vries, M.; Owens, H.G.; Carpinelli, M.R.; Partridge, D.; Kersbergen, A.; Sutherland, K.D.; Auden, A.; Anderson, P.J.; Jane, S.M.; Dworkin, S.
2021Origin, extinction and ancient DNA of a new fossil insular viper: molecular clues of overseas immigrationTorres-Roig, E.; Mitchell, K.J.; Alcover, J.A.; Martínez-Freiría, F.; Bailón, S.; Heiniger, H.; Williams, M.; Cooper, A.; Pons, J.; Bover, P.
2021Identification of animal-based welfare indicators in captive reptiles: a Delphi consultation surveyWhittaker, A.; Golder-Dewar, B.; Triggs, J.; Sherwen, S.; McLelland, D.
2021A new extinct species of Polynesian sandpiper (Charadriiformes: Scolopacidae: Prosobonia) from Henderson Island, Pitcairn Group, and the phylogenetic relationships of ProsoboniaDe Pietri, V.L.; Worthy, T.H.; Scofield, R.P.; Cole, T.L.; Wood, J.R.; Mitchell, K.J.; Cibois, A.; Jansen, J.J.F.J.; Cooper, A.J.; Feng, S.; Chen, W.; Tennyson, A.J.; Wragg, G.M.
2020Feeding biomechanics influences craniofacial morphology at the subspecies scale among Australian pademelons (macropodidae: thylogale)Mitchell, D.R.; Sherratt, E.; Sansalone, G.; Ledogar, J.A.; Flavel, R.J.; Wroe, S.
2020Hydrological and thermal responses of seeds from four co-occurring tree species from southwest Western AustraliaRajapakshe, R.P.V.G.S.W.; Turner, S.R.; Cross, A.T.; Tomlinson, S.
2020Australian Rodents Reveal Conserved Cranial Evolutionary Allometry across 10 Million Years of Murid EvolutionMarcy, A.E.; Guillerme, T.; Sherratt, E.; Rowe, K.; Phillips, M.; Weisbecker, V.
2020The construction of small-scale, quasi-mechanistic spatial models of insect energetics in habitat restoration: a case study of beetles in Western AustraliaTomlinson, S.
2020Comments on proteomic investigations of two Pakistani Naja snake venoms species unravel the venom complexity, posttranslational modifications, and presence of extracellular vesicles. toxins 2020, 12, 669Tasoulis, T.; Pukala, T.L.; Isbister, G.K.
2020Morphological diversity of the spermatozoon and male reproductive tract in Australian Hopping mice, genus Notomys – is it determined by sexual selection?Breed, W.G.; Ding, X.; Tuke, J.; Leigh, C.M.
2020I don't like crickets, I love them: invertebrates are an important prey source for varanid lizardsCross, S.L.; Craig, M.D.; Tomlinson, S.; Bateman, P.W.
2020Patterns of intracolumnar size variation inform the heterochronic mechanisms underlying extreme body shape divergence in microcephalic sea snakesSherratt, E.; Sanders, K.
2020A new species of turtle-headed sea Snake (Emydocephalus: Elapidae) endemic to Western AustraliaNankivell, J.H.; Goiran, C.; Hourston, M.; Shine, R.; Rasmussen, A.R.; Thomson, V.A.; Sanders, K.L.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 257