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Type: Performance
Title: The imaginary menagerie
Author: Harrald, L.
Pascoe, D.
Sutter, L.
Tomczak, S.
Whittington, S.
De Nardi, K.
Kleinig, H.
Tulloch, E.
Publisher Place: Adelaide
Issue Date: 2008
Performer: Harrald, Luke
Pascoe, Derek William
Sutter, Lauren
Tomczak, Sebastian
Whittington, Stephen
De Nardi, Karen Anne
Kleinig, Hillary
Tulloch, Emily
Statement of
Performers included Luke Harrald (interactive electronics & video projections), Derek Pascoe (Saxophone), Lauren Sutter (Commodore 64), Sebastian Tomczak (Laptop / Albeton Live), Stephen Whittington (Piano), Emily Tulloch (violin), Karen De Nardi (viola) and Hillary Kleinig (cello)
Abstract: The Imaginary Menagery was a large scale intermedia work that was commissioned for the opening of the 2008 Adelaide Festival of Arts. Featuring experimental electro-acoustic band Hidden City with additional members from the Zephyr String Quartet , the work combined Artificial Intelligence with free improvisation. Samples and pre-composed score fragments for the string players were triggered across a wireless network of 5 computers in response to the improvisations of saxophonist Derek Pascoe. The projections that freatured on the walls of the hall throughout each set were generated through a combination of data mining and Game Theory using MaxMSP & Jitter. These utilised the same algorithms as the interactive software used in the performance.
Where: Elder Hall, University of Adelaide, 29 February 2008
When: 29th February, 2008
Keywords: Improvisation; Game Theory; Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma; String Trio and Electronics; Interactive Computer Music
Description: 20 minutes
RMID: 0020095319
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