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Type: Journal article
Title: Studies on sperm storage in the vas deferens of the spinifex hopping mouse (Notomys alexis)
Author: Peirce, E.
Moore, H.
Leigh, C.
Breed, W.
Citation: Reproduction, 2003; 125(2):233-240
Publisher: Journals of Reproduction Fertility Ltd
Issue Date: 2003
ISSN: 1470-1626
Statement of
EJ Peirce, HD Moore, CM Leigh, and WG Breed
Abstract: The cauda epididymidis, with its relatively cool temperature (32-35 degrees C), is considered to be the main site of sperm storage in male mammals. However, in the adult male spinifex hopping mouse, Notomys alexis, similar numbers of spermatozoa are found in the vas deferens to those in the cauda epididymidis. The present study shows that, unlike in the laboratory mouse in which spermatozoa of the vas deferens are found mainly in the epididymal region of the duct, spermatozoa in the hopping mouse are localized mainly to the middle and urethral regions of the vas deferens which lies in the inguinal and lower abdominal region of the body cavity. After ligation of the vas deferens close to its connection with the epididymis, many spermatozoa in the vas deferens retain the potential for motility for up to 2 weeks, indicating that the viability of spermatozoa is not compromised by being restricted to core body temperature. This urethral region of the vas deferens, in which spermatozoa reside, has a highly divergent structural organization compared with that of common laboratory rodents in which there is an expanded lumen with a network of epithelial folds. Ultrastructural observations of the cells lining the duct indicate that there are not any marked differences in morphology compared with the cells lining the duct in common laboratory murids, but the infoldings of the vas deferens of the hopping mouse are highly vascular which might facilitate supply of oxygen and nutrients to the spermatozoa residing in the lumen.
Keywords: Epididymis
Vas Deferens
Microscopy, Electron
Body Temperature
Sperm Motility
Description: Copyright © 2003 Society for Reproduction and Fertility
DOI: 10.1530/rep.0.1250233
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