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2012Ageing in general practice (AGP) trial: a cluster randomised trial to examine the effectiveness of peer education on GP diagnostic assessment and management of dementiaPond, C.; Brodaty, H.; Stocks, N.; Gunn, J.; Marley, J.; Disler, P.; Magin, P.; Paterson, N.; Horton, G.; Goode, S.; Paine, B.; Mate, K.
2001An observational study of the medical events associated with clinician-initiated changes in treatment for essential hypertensionBrokensha, G.; Marley, J.
1995Prescription drug utilisation trends in the Australian Community 1990-1994Marley, J.; McManus, P.; Birkett, D.; Linder, J.
1995An Australian medical record linkage projectMarley, J.; Walker, D.
1997Training, skills and approach to high-risk obstetrics in rural GP obstetriciansWatts, R.; Marley, J.; Beilby, J.; MacKinnon, R.; Doughty, S.
2000Evaluation of a patient event report monitoring systemColebatch, K.; Marley, J.; Doecke, C.; Miles, H.; Gilbert, A.
2004Randomised controlled trial of health assessments for older Australian veterans and war widowsByles, J.; Tavener, M.; O'Connell, R.; Nair, B.; Higginbotham, N.; Jackson, C.; McKernon, M.; Francis, L.; Heller, R.; Newbury, J.; Marley, J.; Goodger, B.
2002Hyponatraemia and hypokalaemia due to indapamideChapman, M.; Hanrahan, R.; McEwen, J.; Marley, J.
2001A randomised controlled trial of the outcome of health assessment of people aged 75 years and overNewbury, J.; Marley, J.; Beilby, J.
2012The Australian experiment: how primary health care organizations supported the evolution of a primary health care systemNicholson, C.; Jackson, C.; Marley, J.; Wells, R.