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2017Intracellular CD3⁺ T-lymphocyte teriflunomide concentration is poorly correlated with and has greater variability than unbound plasma teriflunomide concentrationHopkins, A.M.; Moghaddami, M.; Foster, D.J.; Proudman, S.M.; Upton, R.N.; Wiese, M.D.
2017Nesfatin-1 modulates murine gastric vagal afferent mechanosensitivity in a nutritional state dependent mannerKentish, S.J.; Li, H.; Frisby, C.L.; Page, A.J.
2016Prognostic models in obstetrics: available, but far from applicableKleinrouweler, C.E.; Cheong-See Mrcog, F.M.; Collins, G.S.; Kwee, A.; Thangaratinam, S.; Khan, K.S.; Mol, B.W.; Pajkrt, E.; Moons, K.G.; Schuit, E.
2016Major depression and depressive symptoms in Australian Gulf War veterans 20 years after the Gulf WarIkin, J.F.; McKenzie, D.P.; Gwini, S.M.; Kelsall, H.L.; Creamer, M.; McFarlane, A.C.; Clarke, D.M.; Wright, B.; Sim, M.
2016From state dissociation to status dissociatusAntelmi, E.; Ferri, R.; Iranzo, A.; Arnulf, I.; Dauvilliers, Y.; Bhatia, K.P.; Liguori, R.; Schenck, C.H.; Plazzi, G.
2016Urinary incontinence, depression and psychological factors - A review of population studiesAvery, J.C.; Stocks, N.
2016Elevated IL-5 and IL-13 responses to egg proteins predate the introduction of egg in solid foods in infants with eczemaMetcalfe, J.R.; D'Vaz, N.; Makrides, M.; Gold, M.S.; Quinn, P.; West, C.E.; Loh, R.; Prescott, S.L.; Palmer, D.J.
2016Development of an experimental model of maternal allergic asthma during pregnancyClifton, V.L.; Moss, T.J.; Wooldridge, A.L.; Gatford, K.L.; Liravi, B.; Kim, D.; Muhlhausler, B.S.; Morrison, J.L.; Davies, A.; De Matteo, R.; Wallace, M.J.; Bischof, R.J.
2016Intrauterine inflammation, cerebral oxygen consumption and susceptibility to early brain injury in very preterm newbornsStark, M.J.; Hodyl, N.A.; Belegar V, K.K.; Andersen, C.C.
2016Transperitoneal robot-assisted radical prostatectomy should be considered in prostate cancer patients with pelvic kidneysPlagakis, S.; Foreman, D.; Sutherland, P.; Fuller, A.
2016Optimal timing of delivery among low-risk women with prior caesarean section: a secondary analysis of the WHO multicountry survey on maternal and newborn healthGanchimeg, T.; Nagata, C.; Vogel, J.P.; Morisaki, N.; Pileggi-Castro, C.; Ortiz-Panozo, E.; Jayaratne, K.; Mittal, S.; Ota, E.; Souza, J.P.; Mori, R.; Crowther, C.; WHO Multicountry Survey on Maternal and Newborn Health Research Network
2016Mitochondrial reactive oxygen species mediate cardiac structural, functional, and mitochondrial consequences of diet-induced metabolic heart diseaseSverdlov, A.L.; Elezaby, A.; Qin, F.; Behring, J.B.; Luptak, I.; Calamaras, T.D.; Siwik, D.A.; Miller, E.J.; Liesa, M.; Shirihai, O.S.; Pimentel, D.R.; Cohen, R.A.; Bachschmid, M.M.; Colucci, W.S.
2016Partial liver kinase B1 (LKB1) deficiency promotes diastolic dysfunction,de novo systolic dysfunction, apoptosis, and mitochondrial dysfunction with dietary metabolic challengeMiller, E.J.; Calamaras, T.; Elezaby, A.; Sverdlov, A.; Qin, F.; Luptak, I.; Wang, K.; Sun, X.; Vijay, A.; Croteau, D.; Bachschmid, M.; Cohen, R.A.; Walsh, K.; Colucci, W.S.
2016Type 1 diabetes prevalence increasing globally and regionally: the role of natural selection and life expectancy at birthYou, W.P.; Henneberg, M.
2016Inherited determinants of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis phenotypes: a genetic association studyCleynen, I.; Boucher, G.; Jostins, L.; Schumm, L.P.; Zeissig, S.; Ahmad, T.; Andersen, V.; Andrews, J.M.; Annese, V.; Brand, S.; Brant, S.R.; Cho, J.H.; Daly, M.J.; Dubinsky, M.; Duerr, R.H.; Ferguson, L.R.; Franke, A.; Gearry, R.B.; Goyette, P.; Hakonarson, H.; et al.
2016Hospital admission patterns in children with CAH: admission rates and adrenal crises decline with ageRushworth, R.L.; Falhammar, H.; Munns, C.F.; Maguire, A.M.; Torpy, D.J.
2016A small volume technique to examine and compare alveolar macrophage phagocytosis of apoptotic cells and non typeable Haemophilus influenzae (NTHi)Ween, M.; Ahern, J.; Carroll, A.; Hodge, G.; Pizzutto, S.; Jersmann, H.; Reynolds, P.; Hodge, S.
2016Administration of resveratrol for 5 wk has no effect on glucagon-like peptide 1 secretion, gastric emptying, or glycemic control in type 2 diabetes: a randomized controlled trialThazhath, S.S.; Wu, T.; Bound, M.J.; Checklin, H.L.; Standfield, S.; Jones, K.L.; Horowitz, M.; Rayner, C.K.
2016Diagnosing congenital syphilis using Hutchinson's method: differentiating between syphilitic, mercurial, and syphilitic-mercurial dental defectsIoannou, S.; Sassani, S.; Henneberg, M.; Henneberg, R.J.
2016Blood cytotoxic/inflammatory mediators in non-eosinophilic asthmaHodge, S.; Hodge, G.; Simpson, J.L.; Yang, I.A.; Upham, J.; James, A.; Gibson, P.G.; Reynolds, P.N.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 8020