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2023Development of a Multivariable Prediction Model for Risk of Hospitalization With Pressure Injury After Entering Residential Aged CareEshetie, T.C.; Moldovan, M.; Caughey, G.E.; Lang, C.; Sluggett, J.K.; Khadka, J.; Whitehead, C.; Crotty, M.; Corlis, M.; Visvanathan, R.; Wesselingh, S.; Inacio, M.C.
2023Ankyloglossia in Central Australia: Prevalence, identification and management in infantsAkbari, D.; Lau, T.; Bogaardt, H.; Docking, K.; Conference of the International Consortium Of Ankylofrenula Professionals (ICAP) (7 Oct 2021 - 9 Oct 2021 : Vancouver, Virtual Online)
2023Does CGA Improve Health Outcomes in the Community? An Umbrella ReviewAmbagtsheer, R.C.; Thompson, M.Q.; Tucker, G.R.; Schultz, T.; Beilby, J.; Visvanathan, R.
2023The Association Between PCSK9 Inhibitor Use and Sepsis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of 20 Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled TrialsZhou, Z.; Zhang, W.; Burgner, D.; Tonkin, A.; Zhu, C.; Sun, C.; Magnussen, C.G.; Ernst, M.E.; Breslin, M.; Nicholls, S.J.; Nelson, M.R.
2023The living kidney donor profile index fails to discriminate allograft survival: implications for its use in kidney paired donation programsIrish, G.; McMichael, L.; Kadatz, M.; Boudville, N.; Campbell, S.; Chadban, S.; Chang, D.; Kanellis, J.; Sharples, E.; Gill, J.; Clayton, P.
2023Fusing Authentic Learning & Interprofessional Education: Re-imagining human bioscience education through the use of health care HUDDLE'sThompson, J.; Charlton, K.; Thirumanickam, A.; Prideaux, N.; Chen, K.; Higher Education Research Group Adelaide Conference (HERGA) (26 Sep 2023 - 26 Sep 2023 : Flinder University Campus, Adelaide)
2023Circulating ether lipids in prostate cancerHorvath, L.; Lin, H.-M.; Huynh, K.; Meikle, T.; Joshua, A.M.; Azad, A.; Tan, W.; Butler, L.; Meikle, P.; American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting (ASCO) (2 Jun 2023 - 6 Jun 2023 : Chicago, IL)
2023Exploring self-determined solutions to service and system challenges to promote social and emotional wellbeing in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people: a qualitative studyDawson, A.P.; Warrior, E.; Pearson, O.; Boyd, M.A.; Dwyer, J.; Morey, K.; Brodie, T.; Towers, K.; Waters, S.; Avila, C.; Hammond, C.; Lake, K.J.; Lampard, U.F.; Wanganeen, U.F.; Bennell, O.; Bromley, D.; Shearing, T.; Rigney, N.; Czygan, S.; Clinch, N.; et al.
2023Variable preterm oral microbiome stabilizes and reflects a full-term infant profile within three months.Selway, C.A.; Collins, C.T.; Makrides, M.; Sullivan, T.R.; N3RO Steering Committee,; Weyrich, L.S.
2023The association of breast feeding for at least six months with hemodynamic and metabolic health of women and their children aged three years: an observational cohort study.Pathirana, M.M.; Andraweera, P.H.; Aldridge, E.; Harrison, M.; Harrison, J.; Leemaqz, S.; Arstall, M.A.; Dekker, G.A.; Roberts, C.T.
2023Predictors of compliance with higher dose omega-3 fatty acid supplementation during pregnancy and implications for the risk of prematurity: exploratory analysis of the ORIP randomised trialSullivan, T.R.; Yelland, L.N.; Gibson, R.A.; Thakkar, S.K.; Huang, F.; Best, K.P.; Devaraj, S.; Zolezzi, I.S.; Makrides, M.
2023The absence of reporting standards and a lack of objective, performance-based outcomes following intramedullary nailing of tibial shaft fractures: findings from a scoping review into 179 articles.Thwaites, S.; Abrahams, J.; Thewlis, D.; Rickman, M.
2023Estradiol Concentrations and Wellbeing in Trans People Using Estradiol Hormone TherapyGinger, A.; Zwickl, S.; Angus, L.M.; Leemaqz, S.Y.; Cook, T.; Wong, A.F.Q.; Cheung, A.S.
2023Aicardi Syndrome Is a Genetically Heterogeneous DisorderHa, T.T.; Burgess, R.; Newman, M.; Moey, C.; Mandelstam, S.A.; Gardner, A.E.; Ivancevic, A.M.; Pham, D.; Kumar, R.; Smith, N.; Patel, C.; Malone, S.; Ryan, M.M.; Calvert, S.; van Eyk, C.L.; Lardelli, M.; Berkovic, S.F.; Leventer, R.J.; Richards, L.J.; Scheffer, I.E.; et al.
2023Deep Metric Learning for Scalable Gait-Based Person Re-Identification Using Force Platform DataDuncanson, K.A.; Thwaites, S.; Booth, D.; Hanly, G.; Robertson, W.S.P.; Abbasnejad, E.; Thewlis, D.
2023The Dim Light Melatonin Onset (DLMO) across ages, methodologies and sex and its relationship with Morningness/EveningnessKennaway, D.J.
2023Machine learning to predict poor school performance in paediatric survivors of intensive care: a population-based cohort studyGilholm, P.; Gibbons, K.; BrĂ¼ningk, S.; Klatt, J.; Vaithianathan, R.; Long, D.; Millar, J.; Tomaszewski, W.; Schlapbach, L.J.; Ganeshalingam, A.; Sherring, C.; Erickson, S.; Barr, S.; Raman, S.; Long, D.; Schlapbach, L.; Gibbons, K.; George, S.; Singh, P.; Smith, V.; et al.
2023Nutrition in critical illness-research is worth the EFFORTRidley, E.J.; Chapple, L.-A.S.
2023Sleep Irregularity Is Associated with Hypertension: Findings from over 2 Million Nights with a Large Global Population SampleScott, H.; Lechat, B.; Guyett, A.; Reynolds, A.C.; Lovato, N.; Naik, G.; Appleton, S.; Adams, R.; Escourrou, P.; Catcheside, P.; Eckert, D.J.
2023The association between sleep spindles and cognitive function in middle-aged and older men from a community-based cohort studyParker, J.L.; Appleton, S.L.; Adams, R.J.; Melaku, Y.A.; D'Rozario, A.L.; Wittert, G.A.; Martin, S.A.; Catcheside, P.G.; Lechat, B.; Teare, A.J.; Toson, B.; Vakulin, A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 14576