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2022Intergenerational effects of a paternal Western diet during adolescence on offspring gut microbiota, stress reactivity, and social behaviorBodden, C.; Pang, T.Y.; Feng, Y.; Mridha, F.; Kong, G.; Li, S.; Watt, M.J.; Reichelt, A.C.; Hannan, A.J.
2022Olorinab (APD371), a peripherally acting, highly selective, full agonist of the cannabinoid receptor 2, reduces colitis-induced acute and chronic visceral hypersensitivity in rodentsCastro, J.; Garcia-Caraballo, S.; Maddern, J.; Schober, G.; Lumsden, A.; Harrington, A.; Schmiel, S.; Lindstrom, B.; Adams, J.; Brierley, S.M.
2022Caucasian lean subjects with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease share long-term prognosis of non-lean: time for reappraisal of BMI-driven approach?Younes, R.; Govaere, O.; Petta, S.; Miele, L.; Tiniakos, D.; Burt, A.; David, E.; Vecchio, F.M.; Maggioni, M.; Cabibi, D.; McLeod, D.; Pareja, M.J.; Fracanzani, A.L.; Aller, R.; Rosso, C.; Ampuero, J.; Gallego-Durán, R.; Armandi, A.; Caviglia, G.P.; Zaki, M.Y.W.; et al.
2022Evaluation of pharmacogenomics and hepatic nuclear imaging–related covariates by population pharmacokinetic models of irinotecan and its metabolitesLiu, Z.; Martin, J.H.; Liauw, W.; McLachlan, S.A.; Link, E.; Matera, A.; Thompson, M.; Jefford, M.; Hicks, R.J.; Cullinane, C.; Hatzimihalis, A.; Campbell, I.; Crowley, S.; Beale, P.J.; Karapetis, C.S.; Price, T.; Burge, M.E.; Michael, M.
2022Long-term outcomes following endovascular and surgical revascularization for peripheral artery disease: a propensity score-matched analysisParvar, S.L.; Ngo, L.; Dawson, J.; Nicholls, S.J.; Fitridge, R.; Psaltis, P.J.; Ranasinghe, I.
2022Aberrant post-translational modifications in endosomal trafficking are potential therapeutic targets to avert therapy resistance in solid cancers: Dysregulation of PTM-regulated endosomal interactions presents an opportunity to block oncogenic signalling from multiple receptors by targeting common trafficking pathwaysOnglao, W.; Khew-Goodall, Y.; Belle, L.; Lonic, A.
2022Structural and mechanistic insights into amyloid-β and α-synuclein fibril formation and polyphenol inhibitor efficacy in phospholipid bilayersSanders, H.M.; Jovcevski, B.; Marty, M.T.; Pukala, T.L.
2022Predictors of alcohol use during pregnancy in Australian womenTsang, T.W.; Kingsland, M.; Doherty, E.; Anderson, A.E.; Tully, B.; Crooks, K.; Symonds, I.; Tremain, D.; Dunlop, A.J.; Wiggers, J.; Elliott, E.J.
2022Weight gain and lifestyle factors in women with and without polycystic ovary syndromeAwoke, M.A.; Earnest, A.; Joham, A.E.; Hodge, A.M.; Teede, H.J.; Brown, W.J.; Moran, L.J.
2022Identification of a novel GOLGA4–JAK2 fusion gene in B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemiaDownes, C.E.J.; Rehn, J.; Heatley, S.L.; Yeung, D.; McClure, B.J.; White, D.L.
20224CMenB vaccine and its role in preventing transmission and inducing herd immunityMcMillan, M.; Marshall, H.S.; Richmond, P.
2022Multimodality intravascular imaging of high-risk coronary plaqueLi, J.; Montarello, N.; Hoogendoorn, A.; Verjans, J.; Bursill, C.; Peter, K.; Nicholls, S.; McLaughlin, R.; Psaltis, P.
2022Multiplex technologies for the assessment of minimal residual disease and low-level mutation detection in leukaemia: mass spectrometry versus next-generation sequencingShanmuganathan, N.; Branford, S.
2022Essential features of an interstitial lung disease multidisciplinary meeting an international Delphi surveyTeoh, A.K.Y.; Holland, A.E.; Morisset, J.; Flaherty, K.R.; Wells, A.U.; Walsh, S.L.F.; Glaspole, I.; Wuyts, W.A.; Corte, T.J.; Adamali, H.; Shirine Allam, J.; Antillon, S.; Antoniou, K.M.; Athanazio, R.; Avdeev, S.; Averyanov, A.; Azuma, A.; Baldi, B.; Balestro, E.; Bascom, R.; et al.
2022Assessment of physiological barriers to nutrition following critical illnessWhitehead, J.; Summers, M.J.; Louis, R.; Weinel, L.M.; Lange, K.; Dunn, B.; Chapman, M.J.; Chapple, L.-A.S.
2022Does SMS text messaging promote the early introduction of food allergens? a randomised controlled trialNetting, M.J.; Gold, M.S.; Quinn, P.; Palmer, S.; Makrides, M.; Green, T.J.
2022Behaviour change techniques in weight gain prevention interventions in adults of reproductive age: meta-analysis and meta-regressionAwoke, M.A.; Harrison, C.L.; Martin, J.; Misso, M.L.; Lim, S.; Moran, L.J.
2022Trends in utilisation of plain X-rays by older Australians (2010-2019)Gaget, V.; Inacio, M.C.; Tivey, D.R.; Jorissen, R.N.; Babidge, W.; Visvanathan, R.; Maddern, G.J.
2022In vitro and in vivo evaluation of probiotic properties of Corynebacterium accolens isolated from the human nasal cavityMenberu, M.A.; Cooksley, C.; Ramezanpour, M.; Bouras, G.; Wormald, P.-J.; Psaltis, A.J.; Vreugde, S.
2022Loss of NEDD4 causes complete XY gonadal sex reversal in miceWindley, S.P.; Mayère, C.; McGovern, A.E.; Harvey, N.L.; Nef, S.; Schwarz, Q.; Kumar, S.; Wilhelm, D.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 14046