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2016Immediate delivery compared with expectant management after preterm pre-labour rupture of the membranes close to term (PPROMT trial): a randomised controlled trialMorris, J.M.; Roberts, C.L.; Bowen, J.R.; Patterson, J.A.; Bond, D.M.; Algert, C.S.; Thornton, J.G.; Crowther, C.A.
2016Stillbirths: recall to action in high-income countriesFlenady, V.; Wojcieszek, A.M.; Middleton, P.; Ellwood, D.; Erwich, J.J.; Coory, M.; Khong, T.Y.; Silver, R.M.; Smith, G.C.S.; Boyle, F.M.; Lawn, J.E.; Blencowe, H.; Leisher, S.H.; Gross, M.M.; Horey, D.; Farrales, L.; Bloomfield, F.; McCowan, L.; Brown, S.J.; Joseph, K.S.; et al.
2016Polymorphisms in the inflammatory pathway genes and the risk of preeclampsia in Sinhalese womenAndraweera, P.H.; Dekker, G.A.; Jayasekara, R.W.; Dissanayake, V.H.W.; Roberts, C.T.
2016Fixed or rotating night shift work undertaken by women: implications for fertility and miscarriageFernandez, R.C.; Marino, J.L.; Varcoe, T.J.; Davis, S.; Moran, L.J.; Rumbold, A.R.; Brown, H.M.; Whitrow, M.J.; Davies, M.J.; Moore, V.M.
2016Programming the brain: common outcomes and gaps in knowledge from animal studies of IUGRHunter, D.; Hazel, S.J.; Kind, K.; Owens, J.; Pitcher, J.; Gatford, K.
2016Membrane-mediated protein–protein interactions of cholesterol side-chain cleavage cytochrome P450 with its associated electron transport proteinsKubeil, C.; Yeung, J.C.I.; Tuckey, R.C.; Rodgers, R.J.; Martin, L.L.
2015Trends in birth asphyxia, obstetric interventions and perinatal mortality among term singletons: a nationwide cohort studyEnsing, S.; Abu-Hanna, A.; Schaaf, J.M.; Mol, B.W.J.; Ravelli, A.C.J.
2015Perinatal mortality and morbidity up to 28 days after birth among 743 070 low-risk planned home and hospital births: a cohort study based on three merged national perinatal databasesDe Jonge, A.; Geerts, C.C.; Van Der Goes, B.Y.; Mol, B.W.; Buitendijk, S.E.; Nijhuis, J.G.
2015Oxygen-regulated gene expression in murine cumulus cellsKind, K.; Tam, K.; Banwell, K.; Gauld, A.; Russell, D.; Macpherson, A.; Brown, H.; Frank, L.; Peet, D.; Thompson, J.
2015Intrauterine insemination or intracervical insemination with cryopreserved donor sperm in the natural cycle: a cohort studyKop, P.A.L.; van Wely, M.; Mol, B.W.; de Melker, A.A.; Janssens, P.M.W.; Arends, B.; Curfs, M.H.J.M.; Kortman, M.; Nap, A.; Rijnders, E.; Roovers, J.P.W.R.; Ruis, H.; Simons, A.H.M.; Repping, S.; van der Veen, F.; Mochtar, M.H.
2015Are the proposed benefits of melatonin-rich foods too hard to swallow?Kennaway, D.J.
2015Preterm birth in singleton and multiple pregnancies: evaluation of costs and perinatal outcomes.van Baaren, G.J.; Peelen, M.J.; Schuit, E.; van der Post, J.A.; Mol, B.W.; Kok, M.; Hajenius, P.J.
2015Insulin family polymorphisms in pregnancies complicated by small for gestational age infantsAndraweera, P.H.; Gatford, K.L.; Dekker, G.A.; Leemaqz, S.; Russell, D.; Thompson, S.D.; McCowan, L.; Roberts, C.T.
2015Relevance of individual participant data meta-analysis for studies in obstetrics: delivery versus expectant monitoring for hypertensive disorders of pregnancyBroekhuijsen, K.; Bernardes, T.; van Baaren, G.J.; Tajik, P.; Novikova, N.; Thangaratinam, S.; Boers, K.; Koopmans, C.M.; Wallace, K.; Shennan, A.H.; Langenveld, J.; Groen, H.; van den Berg, P.P.; Mol, B.W.; Franssen, M.T.
2015Mid-trimester maternal ADAM12 levels differ according to fetal gender in pregnancies complicated by preeclampsiaMyers, J.E.; Thomas, G.; Tuytten, R.; Van Herrewege, Y.; Djiokep, R.O.; Roberts, C.T.; Kenny, L.C.; Simpson, N.A.B.; North, R.A.; Baker, P.N.
2015Clonidine inhibits anti-non-Gal IgM xenoantibody elicited in multiple pig-to-primate modelsStewart, J.M.; Tarantal, A.F.; Hawthorne, W.J.; Salvaris, E.J.; O'Connell, P.J.; Nottle, M.B.; d'Apice, A.J.; Cowan, P.J.; Kearns-Jonker, M.
2015Maternal allopurinol administration during suspected fetal hypoxia: a novel neuroprotective intervention? A multicentre randomised placebo controlled trialKaandorp, J.J.; Benders, M.J.N.L.; Schuit, E.; Rademaker, C.M.A.; Oudijk, M.A.; Porath, M.M.; Oetomo, S.B.; Wouters, M.G.A.J.; van Elburg, R.M.; Franssen, M.T.M.; Bos, A.F.; de Haan, T.R.; Boon, J.; de Boer, I.P.; Rijnders, R.J.P.; Jacobs, C.J.W.F.M.; Scheepers, L.H.C.J.; Gavilanes, D.A.W.; Bloemenkamp, K.W.M.; Rijken, M.; et al.
2015Transvaginal prolapse repair with or without the addition of a midurethral sling in women with genital prolapse and stress urinary incontinence: a randomised trialvan der Ploeg, J.M.; Oude Rengerink, K.; van der Steen, A.; van Leeuwen, J.; Stekelenburg, J.; Bongers, M.Y.; Weemhoff, M.; Mol, B.W.; van der Vaart, C.H.; Roovers, J.P.
2015A perceptually-regulated exercise test predicts peak oxygen uptake in older active adultsSmith, A.E.; Eston, R.G.; Norton, B.; Parfitt, G.
2015Subfertility and assisted reproduction techniques are associated with poorer cardiometabolic profiles in childhoodPontesilli, M.; Painter, R.C.; Grooten, I.J.; van der Post, J.A.; Mol, B.W.; Vrijkotte, T.G.M.; Repping, S.; Roseboom, T.J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2859